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ExtensionNews County Officials Agree: Cooperative Extension Generates Return On Investments I By Jeff Christie ACCG Extension Liaison The University of Georgia “I am a firm believer that county government is a service to the citizens of the state. By the same token, public service through Cooperative Extension is also a service to the citizens. – Melvin Davis, ACCG Second Vice-President and Oconee County Commission Chair n an uncertain economic climate that is seeing local governments cut “non-essential ” items from budgets left and right, it’s a good idea to look at the true value of programs like County Extension. What is the value of a dollar in a county budget? In these uncertain economic times, the answer to this question is critical. To arrive at this answer, county officials analyze the return on investment, or ROI, they get for each taxpayer dollar they are required to spend. Hopefully, a careful analysis proves that they are getting as close as possible to 100 percent ROI for each dollar invested in providing services for their citizens. What is the value of $1 invested at the local level in funding the operation of a county UGA Cooperative Extension office? The answer to that question should leave local officials feeling good about that particular line item in their budgets. Local investment from counties has given UGA the ability to leverage additional inputs from state and federal sources. Since 1998, each $1 committed by a county in support of Extension operations and programming has translated, on average, to an additional $3.50 coming from sources beyond the local level. In other words, county officials have realized a 350 percent ROI from the budget totals they commit to Cooperative Extension. ACCG Th ird Vice-President and Oconee County Commission Chair Melvin Davis states, “We get a tremendous return on our investment. The greatest strength of Cooperative Extension is its quick response to the needs of our citizens. From horticulture to livestock, gardening, etc., they provide quick, reliable, effective educational information, which is important in today’s society. Another strength is EXTENSION continued on page 36 DeKalb County Extension Agent Gary Peiffer shares his extensive horticultural knowledge with a group of DeKalb County gardeners. JANUARY 2009 35

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Georgia County Government - January 2009
President’s Message
County Matters
Forward-Thinking Bulloch County Leaders Put Progress on the Front Burner
Robert Farris: Champion for Georgia’s Forests
ACCG, BCBS of Georgia Work Together to Improve County Employee Health
Georgia’s Grand Old Courthouses: McIntosh County
Extension News: Cooperative Extension Generates ROI
Research Corner: How Does Your County Rate?
County Parade
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Georgia County Government - January 2009