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CountyParade CARROLL New Justice Center Planned For Downtown Location The new Carroll County Justice Center, in planning stages, has been tentatively slated by commissioners for downtown Carrollton, across from the county’s current courthouse. A first-floor annex will be built to connect the two buildings. Construction will begin after preliminary meetings with the design team at architectural firm Alex Roush-Gardner et al., and those county departments which will be moving into the Justice Center. The new 40,000-square-foot building will house the clerk of courts office, records vaults, magistrate court, probate court and inmate holding cells; a second floor will house state courtrooms, judges’ chambers and the solicitor’s office; on a third floor, three superior court courtrooms, more judges’ chambers, the district attorney’s office and the grand jury room will be housed. Plans call for two public courtyards to fill lots on opposing sides of the building, with the annex serving as a main entrance allowing security to screen all entrants. The total cost of the new facility is anticipated to be $20.2 million, with construction to take place in four phases. Completion is expected in September 2010. original copper elements in a cost-effective manner. The courthouse’s interior will be rehabilitated according to plans taking full advantage of the building’s historic aspects, with no major changes planned to primary rooms. Future occupants of the space will be the Coweta County Convention and Visitors Bureau and the county’s Probate Court, slated to move in during 2010. sports enthusiasts approached the Board of Commissioners to enlist their support for the project, on behalf of the Georgia Bass Federation. Originally estimated at $1.5 million, the “mega ramp” project had $900,000 in state appropriated funds backing it at the time bass enthusiasts approached the county for support. The ramp is seen as an economic development boon for the local economy, with the potential to bring in $500,000 to $750,000 during bass tournaments. COWETA Courthouse Slated for Major Rehabilitation The historic Coweta County Courthouse will undergo major construction over the next year to faithfully rehabilitate the building in accordance with its original architectural features. Commissioners awarded the bid for construction to Headley Construction Company, who offered the low bid at $6.2 million. Roofing work will include replacing all copper on the historic building’s clock tower, with new copper and replacement of all missing ornamentation. Consulting architects for the project, Lord, Aeck & Sargent, offered numerous alternatives for restoring missing elements and ultimately matching the DeKALB County Receives $18.5 Million In Federal Funds to Offset Foreclosures DeKalb County received $18.5 million last fall under a new Neighborhood Stabilization Program of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to battle abandonment and blight in communities hit hard by foreclosures. According to HUD, $3.92 billion in Community Development Block Grant allocations under the Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008 were made available to all states, but especially areas hardest hit by high foreclosure rates, and trying to recover. DeKalb County ranks high for such properties on HUD’s national list, and its share is part of some $70 million coming into metro Atlanta for the city of Atlanta, Clayton, Cobb, Fulton and Gwinnett counties. The money will be used for targeted emergency assistance to redevelop foreclosed properties that might otherwise become sources of community blight, as abandoned structures prone to attract vagrants, drug trafficking and the like. GREENE Active Development Reported Even During Slow Economy The Greene County Board of Commissioners in recent months reported brisk development in the county, despite a slower economy. The BOC last fall approved rezoning 57 acres at the corner of Georgia Highway 44 and Old Linger Longer Road for a new hospital, approved a preliminary plat for a major new subdivision, and Lake Oconee Village continues to progress with a theater and restaurant complex close to opening. Officials have also approved dedication of a new Flying J water and sewer infrastructure to the city of Union Point, which has taken care of and operated the infrastructure since the Flying J truck-stop came to Greene County. FRANKLIN County Hopes to Assume Mega Ramp Project from DNR Franklin County Commissioners last fall pledged their support of the county taking over a Lake Burton “mega ramp” project from the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, to prevent the project being lost in the mire of state budget cutting. Prior to any plan being put in place, RABUN U.S. Hwy. 411 Zoning Change Approved The Rabun County Board of Commissioners approved the U.S. Highway 441 zoning ordinance in recent weeks in a split vote of three to one, with commissioners in favor of the rezoning citing the opportunities for economic growth it presents, in terms of boosting the retail potential of the 441 corridor. The rezoning will potentially impose new covenants and ordinances that property owners must comply with, to improve the corridor’s appeal to business PARADE continued on page 42 JANUARY 2009 41

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