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Feature ACCG Launches e-Magazine Make the Most of This New Resource A ssociation County Commissioners of Georgia (ACCG) will be launching the first digital edition of Georgia County Government this spring. A digital edition, or e-magazine, is an electronic version of the print publication. It will be available online via a link on the ACCG Web site,, and requires readers to do nothing more than simply click a link. The magazine will appear in the digital edition exactly as it does in print, including the same graphics, advertisements and editorial content. Each page also flips like that of a magazine. In addition to maintaining the same visual and editorial quality, the digital edition also offers special features unique to its format. Along the toolbar, there are several options to aid in navigating the magazine: Tools, Contents, Zoom, 1-Page View, Search, Print, Save, Link, and Help. The Tools function allows readers to locate thumbnails, bookmark articles, write notes, send articles and control sound effects. Thumbnails are the images and graphics within the magazine, and readers are given the ability to view all of them at once. Bookmarking articles makes it easier to go back and read something without searching through the entire magazine. Readers may also make notes throughout the magazine, citing specific points of interest. Articles can be sent to family, friends and colleagues. With the Contents function, readers can view a list of the editorial content and go directly to each individual article by clicking the links. The Zoom feature gives readers the opportunity to adjust the size of the magazine text according to one’s eye sight and preference. By clicking the 1-Page View option, the magazine can viewed one page at a time. Depending on how much the page has been zoomed in or out, this function allows the pages to be more readable. Selecting the Search button will bring up a screen that gives readers the opportunity to navigate through the magazine using keywords. For example, someone seeking articles involving the government would type in “government” and click search. All of the articles within the magazine that contain the word “government” will appear with the keyword highlighted. Readers may also download an offline version of the digital edition by using the Save function. The digital edition can then be viewed in the absence of an Internet connection. In the event that one would like to share an article or the entire magazine with a friend or colleague, it is possible by using the Link option. The URL, or Web site address, for the page currently being viewed will appear. Below the direct Web address, there are also two other links. Choose the link that reads, “Forward to a colleague or friend.” Another box will open. Select whether or not the link to the current page or entire article is being sent and simply enter the e-mail addresses of the sender and recipients. The Help tool is available to assist in the further description and clarification of each tool and its functionality. While the thought of a digital edition may seem complicated, it’s actually very easy to use and the online capabilities compliment the print publication quite well. There are only three simple instructions to remember when reading the digital edition of Georgia County Government: Click, flip and enjoy! ■ LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE ARCHITECTURE ENGINEERING PLANNING KECK & WOOD, INC. Consulting Engineers Serving the Southeast Since 1954 220 W. Crogan Street, Suite 100 Lawrenceville, GA 30045 Phone (770) 338-0017 Fax (770) 338-0397 1314 5th Avenue North, Suite 200 Nashville, TN 37208 Phone (615) 242-0040 Fax (615) 242-1405 Water • Wastewater • Transportation Surveying • GIS • Natural Gas • Planning 2425 Commerce Avenue • Building 2100 • Suite 300 Duluth, Georgia 30096 (678) 417-4000 • (678) 417-8785 (Fax) 312003_Lose.indd 1 12/15/06 3:52:38 PM 313873_Keck_Wood.indd 1 FEBRUARY 2008 1/2/07 49 9:56:10 PM

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Georgia County Government - February 2008

Georgia County Government - February 2008
President's Message
County Matters
Regional Focus on the Georgia Mountains: Rabun, Habersham and Stephens Counties
DNR Commissioner Noel Holcomb
Solid Waste Management in Georgia: New Challenges Ahead
Essential Elements of Negotiating Professional Service Firm Contracts
The Walker County Courthouse at LaFayette
Extension News: Partnerships are Key to Conservation Education
Research Corner: Interns: An Asset to Every County
NACo News: Counties and Climate Change FAQs
Georgia Flag to Travel to All 159 Georgia Counties
State Announces Regional Recycling Hub Grant Awards
Abraham Joins ACCG Support Staff
County Parade
ACCG Launches e-Magazine
Index of Advertisers

Georgia County Government - February 2008