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Feature RDCs Assist the USS Georgia Flag Project G eorgia’s 16 Regional Development Centers (RDCs) continually prove their value to their regions not only representing local governments, but also working with state and federal agencies by providing assistance in special statewide projects. An example of this was the statewide celebration this past spring of the return to service of the USS Georgia (SSGN 729) and the USS Georgia Flag Project. Presided over by Governor Sonny Perdue, honorary chairman of the Return to Service Committee, the USS Georgia Flag Project was sponsored by the Return to Service Committee and led by Don Giles (Capt., U.S. Navy, retired). The effort was greatly facilitated by RDCs – which assisted in taking the state flag across the whole state and into all 159 Georgia counties. Jim Dove, executive director of the Northeast Georgia RDC and president of the Georgia Association of RDCs called being involved in the flag project honoring the USS Georgia’s return to service a “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.” “This was one of the more worthwhile experiences the RDCs have ever been involved with – part of an extraordinary effort which brought honor and prestige to a group of persons serving on a submarine that will help the U.S. continue its war on terrorism.” The USS Georgia’s future was jeopardized in 1994 when the Nuclear Posture Review determined that the U.S. military had a surplus of Trident Submarines – 10 on the East Coast at Kings Bay and eight on the West Coast at Bangor, Wash. The Nuclear Posture Review committee made a decision that four of the 18 submarines would be eliminated. This sparked the U.S. Navy to keep in service the four submarines and convert them from strategic deterrence submarines to precision strike and special operation force capable submarines. The USS GEORGIA (SSGN 729) was designated for conversion from a SSBN (strategic ballistic submarine) to a SSGN (strategic guided missile submarine). The conversion was completed in December 2007. ■ Georgia’s RDCs are listed below: 1. Coosa Valley 2. North Georgia 3. Georgia Mountains 4. Chattahoochee-Flint 5. Atlanta Regional Commission 6. Northeast Georgia 7. McIntosh Trail 8. Lower Chattahoochee 9. Middle Flint 10. Middle Georgia 11. Central Savannah River Area 12. Heart of Georgia-Altamaha 13. Coastal Georgia 14. Southwest Georgia 15. South Georgia 16. Southeast Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue presented Captain Brian McIlvaine and Captain Mike Brown, commanders of the USS Georgia, with a Georgia State Flag as part of the USS Georgia Flag Project. 2008 NACo Annual Conference and Exposition July 11-15, 2008 The Kansas City Convention Center Jackson County, Kansas City, Missouri 54 GEORGIA COUNTY GOVERNMENT

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Georgia County Government - May/June 2008
President’s Message
County Matters
ACCG 2008 Annual Meeting: Highlights
County Focus: Clayton County
Negotiating a Professional Service Firm Contract: Part 3
Counties Get Involved in Efforts to End Sexual Abuse of Children
Smart Growth Scorecard Gives Communities a Way to Grade New Developments
Wireless Technologies Critical for First Responders
Research Corner: The ACCG Policy Process
RDCs Assist the USS Georgia Flag Project
Extension News: Animals Take Spotlight in Disaster Planning
Georgia’s Grand Old Courthouses: Grady County
NACo News: Green Initiative Launches Searchable Database
Insurance News: ACCG Announces New Inmate Medical Savings Program
County Parade
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Georgia County Government - May/June 2008