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InsuranceNews ACCG – Group Health Benefits Plan, Inc. Announces New Inmate Medical Savings Program Immediate Savings Expected for Member Counties E ffective April 1, counties are able to access the BCBSGa provider network discounts for their jail inmates. Until now, these were the only significant county medical costs that were unmanaged. Dramatic increases in prescription drug costs, HIV, escalating mental health care needs, increases in medical expenses such as dialysis treatments as jail populations age, have all combined to push jails’ budgets for inmate health care through the roof. As counties build new jails to house a seemingly ever increasing inmate population the health care cost problem gets bigger and bigger. Association County Commissioners of Georgia (ACCG) staff worked on this project for several years, visiting county jails and meeting with sheriffs, county medical personnel and negotiating with BCBSGa to be sure the new program would meet counties’ needs. Simple Administration You will fi nd that this program is very easy to use. BCBSGa provides the claims administration and will furnish BCBSGa ID cards to participating county jails. Showing these cards to BCBSGa participating network providers at the time a prisoner receives medical services is all that is needed to receive the savings. Examples of Actual BCBSGa Network Claim Savings Provider Hospital Hospital Pharmacy Physician Total Charges $111,700 $456,700 $6,530 $17,900 Amount Paid $27,600 $158,100 $3,200 $7,500 Significant Savings The BCBSGa networks provide average discounts of more than 50 percent on medical and prescription drug services. Savings on catastrophic claims can be greater due to BCBSGa provider protocols. No Claims, No Cost The new program is a self-funded (ASO) program. Counties will be billed by BCBSGa only for administrative fees and claims actually incurred, net of BCBSGa provider discounts. Simple Implementation ACCG staff will be available to walk you through setting up the program for your county. All that is needed to start saving with this program is to sign program documents with the ACCG and BCBSGa. BCBSGa will provide a step-by-step administrative guide for staff and ID cards to show medical providers such as doctors and hospitals. Catastrophic Inmate Health Insurance ACCG also offers a unique program designed to protect local governments from excessive expenses resulting from catastrophic medical claims. A Catastrophic Inmate Medical Insurance Plan can be tailored for your jail allowing for more accurate budgeting by insuring inmate medical expenses of a catastrophic nature. The coverage can be purchased separately or in combination with other healthcare cost control services. ■ For More Information Call Ben Pittarelli at (800) 858-2224 with any questions and for information on how to enroll your county. MAY/JUNE 2008 65

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Georgia County Government - May/June 2008
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ACCG 2008 Annual Meeting: Highlights
County Focus: Clayton County
Negotiating a Professional Service Firm Contract: Part 3
Counties Get Involved in Efforts to End Sexual Abuse of Children
Smart Growth Scorecard Gives Communities a Way to Grade New Developments
Wireless Technologies Critical for First Responders
Research Corner: The ACCG Policy Process
RDCs Assist the USS Georgia Flag Project
Extension News: Animals Take Spotlight in Disaster Planning
Georgia’s Grand Old Courthouses: Grady County
NACo News: Green Initiative Launches Searchable Database
Insurance News: ACCG Announces New Inmate Medical Savings Program
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Georgia County Government - May/June 2008