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Feature ACCG Magazine Editor, Forsyth County PIO Garner ‘Best of Class’ Awards from NACIO By Jane LeMaster, President National Association of County Information Officers (NACIO); Administration Division Director, Gwinnett County DOT eorgia public information officers (PIOs) took honors recently at the Awards of Excellence competition sponsored by the National Association of County Information Officers (NACIO). Two Georgia county government communications professionals, Jodi Gardner, PIO of Forsyth County and Deborah Dewberry, Editor of ACCG’s Georgia County Government magazine, received Best in Class awards in their respective categories – Gardner for audiovisual production and Dewberry for feature writing. These national awards, only 10 of which are given anually by NACIO, recognize entries that not only exemplify excellence but also rate as being the best entry received in that category. These two individuals also racked up three other awards between them. Dewberry garnered NACIO’s “Best in Class Award” for Feature Writing for her feature story on Chatham County government that ran in the April 2007 edition, “Chatham County’s Confluence of Culture and Commerce.” She also garnered the NACIO 2007 Award of Excellence for her story on Dawson County in the February 2007 edition, “Dawson County Offers Rural Tapestry, Urban Amenities.” The ACCG magazine also won a Meritorious Award for the October 2007 County Family Album edition on “Georgia’s Summer of Fire.” G National Association of County Information Officers (NACIO) President Jane LeMaster, of Gwinnett County (center), presents Georgia County Government Editor Deborah Dewberry (left) with her plaque for the NACIO ‘Best in Class’ award in Feature Writing from the group’s 2007 Awards of Excellence competition. Also pictured is ACCG Executive Director Jerry Griffin. About NACIO NACIO was formed in 1966. Originally, the group’s goal was to bring together communications professionals who wanted to share information with other counties across the United States. Today, NACIO is also dedicated to promoting a better understanding of the functions of county government, improving the professional capabilities of its members, and much more. As an affi liate of the National Association of Counties (NACo), NACIO supports the programs and policies of NACo. NACIO presented the awards at the annual conference in Kansas City in July. Other Georgia counties had a chance to shine as well. Henry County’s Parks and Recreation 2008 Calendar won an “Excellence” rating, while Gwinnett County received seven awards, including an Award of Excellence for an audiovisual production on Little Mulberry Park. Ross King, ACCG deputy director, states: “Several years ago, ACCG entered into a contract with Naylor Publications to publish a revenue-generating magazine. Our magazine has become a national model for our counterparts across the nation. Naylor handles the advertising business side, production, editorial support, printing and distribution, and ACCG concentrates on magazine content. One of Deborah Dewberry’s strongest assets is her ability to write a story. Our association with Naylor allows Deborah to write a great deal more for the magazine. It is clear now, with the announcement of her Best in Class Award, recently presented at the National Association of Counties Annual Conference in Kansas City, Mo., that the partnership has paid off handsomely. “We are extremely proud of Deborah and this national recognition from NACIO. She is indeed a key member of our ACCG team. We look forward to her having many more years to garner award recognition for her work in Georgia County Government magazine.” t ■ OCTOBER 2008 101

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Georgia County Government - October 2008
President's Message
County Matters
South Georgia's Agricultural Heartland Welcomes Economic Diversity, High-Tech Research
What Do You Know About the State's 2008 Constitutional Amendments?
Union County's New Hope Clinic
Counties and the Law: U.S. Supreme Court Increases Burden on Defending Age Claims
Cyber Security Awareness
Are Animal Control Costs Out of Control?
Dave Wills Joins ACCG Staff
Executive DRIVE is the Pinnacle of Gwinnett's Leadership Institute
Preventative Medical Program Succeeds in Chatham County
DCA's Planning & Quality Growth Office Reveals New Regional Planning Approach
Implementation of Georgia's Security & Immigration Compliance Act
The Roundabout: Glynn County's Newest Approach to Traffic Management
Governor Urges Preparation for Digital TV Transition
The Institute for Georgia Environmental Leadership
Wharton Named Program Director for Georgia Centers for Innovation
Army Ranger Turned Police Officer Attends CDP Training
ACCG Staff Attends National Conference of State Legislatures Summit
ACCG Editor, Forsyth County PIO Garner NACIO Awards
GDEcD News: Tourism Grants; Scan-Tech to Expand
Benefit News: GEBCorp Marks Eight Years of Retirement Benefits
Georgia's Courthouses and the American Renaissance
Extension News: Georgia 4-H Impacts Student Achievement, Leadership
Research Center: Best Methods for Creating Ordinances in Your County
CCAP Corner: Walter F. Rosso, Cusseta-Chattahoochee County
NACo News: Association Sponsors 'Green' Competitions
Beth Bradley Joins ACCG Staff
County Parade
Index of Advertising

Georgia County Government - October 2008