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StaffNews Beth Bradley Joins ACCG Staff n m id-Aug ust, Associat ion County Commissioners (ACCG) added new staff member Beth Bradley to its team. Bradley now serves as ACCG Land Initiative director and will replace outgoing Land Conservation Liaison Robert Barr. Bradley formerly worked for ACCG as an intern in 2005 when she helped initiate ACCG’s Georgia Civic Awareness Program for Students (GCAPS). Additionally, Bradley helped organize and coordinate ACCG’s inaugural Land Summit in 2006. In her new capacity, Bradley will work with county officials across Georgia on a wide range of topics related to land use, land conservation and land management. She will also concentrate her attention on assisting county governments in securing available public and private sector funding for land preservation. Bradley will assist counties in planning for local bond referendums, as well as identifying viable sources for local financing to serve as local match for identified local projects. Bradley, a native of Bartow County, is a graduate of both Mercer University, where she double-majored in Psychology and English Literature, and of the Florida State University College of Law. In addition to previously working for ACCG, she has worked as an intern in Governor Sonny Perdue’s Office of Executive Appointments and as a committee aide for the Georgia Senate Higher Education Committee. In her final year of law school, Bradley worked for the Florida House of I Representatives as a legal intern for the Government Efficiency and Accountability Council. In that capacity she served the role of a bill analyst and focused much of her efforts on privacy issues and the complexities of state and federal immigration law. The funding for Bradley’s position as Land Initiative director has been secured from multiple funding sources, which have been provided to ACCG during the past year by such organizations as the Woodruff Foundation, the Doris Duke Foundation and The Conservation Fund. Additionally, ACCG has recently executed a Memorandum of Agreement with its newest funding partner, the Georgia Forestry Commission. These combined sources have provided ACCG with substantial financial support over the time period of 2008-2011 so that ACCG may help facilitate common goals in the area of land conservation in Georgia. ACCG Deputy Director Ross King has helped to build this program following the input received from a wide range of land management partners from the public and private sector. This input has been received as a result of ACCG hosting two critical land summits in 2006 and 2007. Among the organizations and leaders who have been most helpful in the development of this program are the Conservation Fund (Rex Boner – Vice President/ Southeast Representative), Nature Conservancy (Shelly Lakly – Georgia Chapter Director), Trust for Public Lands (Helen Tapp – Director), and the Georgia Conservancy (Jim Stokes – President). The Department of Natural Resources, following the leadership of Commissioner Noel Holcomb has been instrumental in providing the vitally important state agency guidance STAFF NEWS continued on page 124 MOA Agreement Signing Rex Boner, vice president/Southeast representative for The Conservation Fund, and ACCG Executive Director Jerry Griffin sign a Memorandum of Agreement to provide financial support to ACCG’s Land Initiative. Larry Morris, Sustainable Community Forestry Program; Ross King, ACCG deputy director; Buford Sanders, staff forester; Jerry Griffin, ACCG executive director; and Robert Farris, Georgia Forestry Commission director. OCTOBER 2008 123

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Georgia County Government - October 2008
President's Message
County Matters
South Georgia's Agricultural Heartland Welcomes Economic Diversity, High-Tech Research
What Do You Know About the State's 2008 Constitutional Amendments?
Union County's New Hope Clinic
Counties and the Law: U.S. Supreme Court Increases Burden on Defending Age Claims
Cyber Security Awareness
Are Animal Control Costs Out of Control?
Dave Wills Joins ACCG Staff
Executive DRIVE is the Pinnacle of Gwinnett's Leadership Institute
Preventative Medical Program Succeeds in Chatham County
DCA's Planning & Quality Growth Office Reveals New Regional Planning Approach
Implementation of Georgia's Security & Immigration Compliance Act
The Roundabout: Glynn County's Newest Approach to Traffic Management
Governor Urges Preparation for Digital TV Transition
The Institute for Georgia Environmental Leadership
Wharton Named Program Director for Georgia Centers for Innovation
Army Ranger Turned Police Officer Attends CDP Training
ACCG Staff Attends National Conference of State Legislatures Summit
ACCG Editor, Forsyth County PIO Garner NACIO Awards
GDEcD News: Tourism Grants; Scan-Tech to Expand
Benefit News: GEBCorp Marks Eight Years of Retirement Benefits
Georgia's Courthouses and the American Renaissance
Extension News: Georgia 4-H Impacts Student Achievement, Leadership
Research Center: Best Methods for Creating Ordinances in Your County
CCAP Corner: Walter F. Rosso, Cusseta-Chattahoochee County
NACo News: Association Sponsors 'Green' Competitions
Beth Bradley Joins ACCG Staff
County Parade
Index of Advertising

Georgia County Government - October 2008