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A MESSAGE FROM THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR ■ PHIL NEWSUM AS THE YEAR CONTINUES TO pass us by at an alarming rate, I want to cover a couple of important informational items: • The Oil and Gas Producers Diving Industry Working Group met on 16 September 2010, at the OGP headquarters in London. This meeting was attended by such majors as BP, Chevron Corporation (EU), ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil, PETRONAS, Shell, Statoil and Total, as well as major diving contractors such as Acergy, CalDive International, EPIC Divers and Marine, Global Industries, Ray McDermott and Technip. ADCI and IMCA were the major trade associations present. The Classing societies were represented by DNV. The meeting outlined the new objectives, function and format of the group, as well as the way for the group to move forward toward addressing some of the most prominent issues facing stakeholders in worldwide offshore diving. Underwater Oxy Arc Cutting/Burning was a topic item, as recent events have now prompted this work group to form a work group that will focus solely on this task. Identified industry experts will be invited to participate. The work group will meet sometime after the first of the year in the Gulf Coast region. Other items such as surface-supplied mixed gas diving, inshore diving and diving in arctic conditions were also discussed. The group has also requested that both ADCI and IMCA submit any incident statistics for diving, such as DCS, near misses and fatalities. This will be a very challenging task, as often the report of certain incident can be hampered by pending or ongoing litigation proceedings. This is more apparent in the U.S. than in other parts of the world. The meeting wrapped up with a discussion on recent incidents and lessons learned. Although this meeting is convened by the OGP, it is clear that regardless of what position you are operating from, the focus of promoting safe worldwide diving operations is the common goal for all of the stakeholders in attendance. Next meeting is scheduled for 18 February 2011, in New Orleans. • By now many of you have noticed the number of Industry Updates surrounding near misses from manta ray encounters in the Gulf of Mexico. Although the reports have been Gulf focused, it is hoped that all regions in the world are taking notice, as marine life can pose hazards in many different ways, and in some case prove to be fatal. I strongly encourage all contractors operating in waters that contain marine life that can compromise safe operations to include in the job safety analysis ways to mitigate this hazard. • If you have not taken the opportunity to download the pdf DRAFT of the 6th Edition of the Consensus Standards for Commercial Diving and Underwater Operations, go to www.underwatermagazine.com. Print the DRAFT and read it at your leisure. After you have taken the time to review the document, submit any comments you feel will contribute to the betterment of the document, by accessing the link for the survey. The comment period runs from 25 September to 25 December 2010. • In case you are not aware, UnderWater magazine is open for the submittal of articles. The eDive newsletter will be publishing the schedule and focus of the upcoming editions of the magazine, so if you have something to contribute regarding a particular focus, send your article to Sean Garrity, Senior Editor, Naylor, LLC at sgarrity@naylor.com. Be Safe. 12 UnderWater NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2010 http://www.underwatermagazine.com http://www.underwatermagazine.com

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Underwater - November/December 2010
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Underwater - November/December 2010