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Feature St. Helens Tree Farm 25 Years After Eruption Working with nature, Weyerhaeuser brings back a devastated forest O Dick Ford, Director of the Forest Learning Center n May 18, 1980, the dramatic eruption of Mount St. Helens in southwest Washington destroyed 150,000 acres of public and private forests. The devastated area included 68,000 acres of the 473,000-acre St. Helens Tree Farm, owned and operated by Weyerhaeuser since 1900. Across all ownerships, four billion board feet of timber was killed by the powerful, laterally directed eruption. The mudflow resulting from melting ice and snow swept down the Toutle River, burying or removing 221 homes, thousands of trees and most of the logging equipment from three Weyerhaeuser logging camps. My office was buried at Camp Baker on the North Fork of the Toutle River. I lost all my district records and many personal items that were never recovered. Had the eruption not occurred on a weekend, I would not be here writing this article. I consider myself very fortunate. Although my crew and I were not on the mountain that day, others were. Unfortunately, 57 of those people tragically lost their lives. The total value of the Weyerhaeuser loss was $66 million, including mature timber, young plantations, equipment, roads, bridges and culverts. The main challenge for Weyerhaeuser foresters was to restore a vast forest in an ashcovered wasteland. Working in volcanic 20 The Consultant

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Executive Director’s Message
President’s Message
America's Forests – Resilient and Productive
Forests of the Pacific Northwest: Sustainable Use and Resiliency
St. Helens Tree Farm 25 Years After Eruption
Forestry in Gloucester County, Virginia – Past, Present and Future
Ecosystem Services: Seller Beware
Maybe Money Does Grow on Trees …
Protecting Productive Private Property
Hug a Forester…And a Tree
A Practical Course in Forest Consulting
Clare Doig, ACF – A Resilient Forester
A Review of ACF Membership Guidelines
Legislative and Policy Activism: Withstanding the Forces of Man

The Consultant - 2006