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Consultant’s Forum Protecting Productive Private Property By Scott P. Jones T Scott Jones he inalienable right for individual citizens to own and manage property was established when this country was founded. Without a commitment to this fundamental freedom, this new nation would have simply accepted the tradition of powerful landowners and continued indentured servitude. We would now live and work under rules of law from which our ancestors sought freedom. The recent Supreme Court decision on the Kelo vs. City of New London case has focused attention on the taking of property rights. It has been many years since this amount of thought and attention has been given to this issue. Why is protecting private property rights such an important issue? Is it, in fact, a REAL issue? It is a REAL issue for the landowners managing a longterm investment and vital to the future of their legacy and their investment. Forestry is a long-term investment with an up-front investment cost, annual taxes on the property, and other management costs. The first return on the property occurs in 12-15 years, with possible liquidation of the initial investment in 25-35 years depending on available markets and products. When unfavorable regulations or laws are passed that adversely affect landowners growing timber, they have the potential to lose part or all of the value of their investment. The right to own and use property is one of the cornerstones of We know that society’s environmental goals and private property rights can certainly be compatible. However, if society as a whole benefits, then the whole society must pay the bill.

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of The Consultant - 2006

Executive Director’s Message
President’s Message
America's Forests – Resilient and Productive
Forests of the Pacific Northwest: Sustainable Use and Resiliency
St. Helens Tree Farm 25 Years After Eruption
Forestry in Gloucester County, Virginia – Past, Present and Future
Ecosystem Services: Seller Beware
Maybe Money Does Grow on Trees …
Protecting Productive Private Property
Hug a Forester…And a Tree
A Practical Course in Forest Consulting
Clare Doig, ACF – A Resilient Forester
A Review of ACF Membership Guidelines
Legislative and Policy Activism: Withstanding the Forces of Man

The Consultant - 2006