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Inside ACF Legislative and Policy Activism: Withstanding the Forces of Man By L. Keville Larson, ACF N Keville Larson atural events often have dramatic impacts on a forest. Forest resiliency after catastrophic natural events such as volcanoes, hurricanes or fires is well known. We have learned forests can survive, recover from and live with the forces of nature. In “Forests in the Long Sweep of History,” Marion Clawson noted: The capacity of natural forest lands to regenerate timber stands and the capacity of timber to grow, even in the absence of man’s help and often in spite of his wishes, tend to be overlooked or ignored. Yet damage from the forces of nature can pale to insignificance in comparison with the effects of man’s laws, regulations and policies. The death tax is an example, where death of an owner can cause loss of his or her forest. Just as maintaining crown closure can protect against wind storms, political activism is essential for protecting against harmful laws and regulations. The most important forest policies and alliances are formulated in Washington, D.C. Activism in this arena is an essential part of creating conditions to allow and encourage good forest stewardship. This understanding led Association of Consulting Foresters leaders to consider establishing a national headquarters in the Washington area. Around 1980 the question was asked, “What is ACF’s image and visibility in Washington, D.C.?” The answer was, “practically unknown.”

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of The Consultant - 2006

Executive Director’s Message
President’s Message
America's Forests – Resilient and Productive
Forests of the Pacific Northwest: Sustainable Use and Resiliency
St. Helens Tree Farm 25 Years After Eruption
Forestry in Gloucester County, Virginia – Past, Present and Future
Ecosystem Services: Seller Beware
Maybe Money Does Grow on Trees …
Protecting Productive Private Property
Hug a Forester…And a Tree
A Practical Course in Forest Consulting
Clare Doig, ACF – A Resilient Forester
A Review of ACF Membership Guidelines
Legislative and Policy Activism: Withstanding the Forces of Man

The Consultant - 2006