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President’s Message Forestry Expertise Crucial in Wake of Natural Disasters Remarkable recovery of wildlife could be witnessed by viewing the elk herds along the Toutle River bottomland, which is several hundred feet above the pre-eruption level. The field trip attendees witnessed a first commercial thinning within a 24-year old Douglas-fir stand planted by Weyerhaeuser after the catastrophic eruption. It was especially interesting to hear a Weyerhaeuser fish biologist suggest that fish populations were greater during initial recovery years when streamside vegetation was absent. Fish populations declined once vegetation began to establish along stream banks. For years West Coast foresters have been required to provide streamside buffers on the premise that denuding stream banks was detrimental to fish populations. The eruption of Mount St. Helens created challenges for ACF consulting foresters. Privately owned timber along the Toutle River was uprooted and deposited far downstream. The special expertise of an ACF forester was instrumental in determining an equitable split of revenues realized from salvage of these trees. ACF foresters understand that a forest collectively is more than just trees—including soil, water, wildlife, forage and recreational opportunities. The ACF Membership Directory lists ACF foresters with a wide array of technical and professional expertise. One can find consulting foresters with expertise in land management, forest engineering, boundary surveying, product marketing, soil erosion, sediment control, herbicide application, appraisals and valuation, real estate, acquisition, archaeology, contract supervision and logging and other areas of expertise. Each ACF forester has developed individual areas of expertise. When a potential client approaches an ACF member, that member will quickly determine if his or her expertise will best serve the client. If not, the consulting forester often recommends other ACF members for the job. Likewise, ACF Foresters often combine their expertise by jointly serving clients. Recently hurricanes Katrina and Rita have raised havoc on the Gulf Coast and millions of board feet of timber have been damaged or destroyed. Again, ACF forester expertise will be utilized in the salvage of timber and recovery of damaged forests in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Texas. G In October, NASF President Pat McElroy and ACF president Richard Courter established a working relationship to promote respect, recognition and cooperation within the two organizations. vividly remember the day after the violent eruption of Mount St. Helens. I was sitting on a log landing above a clearcut on the slopes of Mt. Hood overlooking Mount St. Helens with Portland SAF Chapter members. The SAF field tour of the Mt. Hood National Forest had been planned several months in advance. The sky was remarkably clear. Mount St. Helens in all its glory could be seen with a missing top. Tiny amounts of steam could be seen puffing out of the flat-topped mountain. One well-known and respected forester, an old-timer in the industry, remarked, “It will be over 50 years before the forests surrounding Mount St. Helens recover.” Managing the Resilient Forest was the theme for the 2005 ACF Annual Conference in Skamania, Washington. The focus of the meeting was how the land, streams and wildlife have rebounded within the Mount St. Helens blast zone. The field trip to Mount St, Helens provided proof that first predictions about recovery were overly pessimistic. The clearly visible property line between Weyerhaeuser and The National Monument contrasted accomplishments of intensive forest management with allowing nature to take a natural approach. I The Consultant 9

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Executive Director’s Message
President’s Message
America's Forests – Resilient and Productive
Forests of the Pacific Northwest: Sustainable Use and Resiliency
St. Helens Tree Farm 25 Years After Eruption
Forestry in Gloucester County, Virginia – Past, Present and Future
Ecosystem Services: Seller Beware
Maybe Money Does Grow on Trees …
Protecting Productive Private Property
Hug a Forester…And a Tree
A Practical Course in Forest Consulting
Clare Doig, ACF – A Resilient Forester
A Review of ACF Membership Guidelines
Legislative and Policy Activism: Withstanding the Forces of Man

The Consultant - 2006