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INSIDE ACF Meet the New ACF President BY BILLY HUMPHRIES, ACF AND CAROL KARL, ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT TO ED STEIGERWALDT B ESIDES BEING our new president, who is this man from the great Northwoods of Wisconsin? Ed Steigerwaldt has been a consulting forester for about 36 years and an ACF member for 25 years. He is owner and president of one of the Northwoods’ premier forestry consulting firms, Steigerwaldt Land Services, Inc., a firm established in 1957 by his late father, Edward “Shorty” Steigerwaldt, one of the very first ACF members. In addition to his consulting practice, Ed continues a family tradition of managing his own family forest, specializing in Christmas tree production as well as traditional forest products. Ed and his wife, Mary, celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary last June, and their eldest daughter, Lee, is a third-generation forester and ACF member. All who have attended ACF meetings are familiar with Ed’s now-famous award-winning maple syrup. It is produced at his own sugarbush located beside his family’s real log cabin on one of his tree farms near Tomahawk. By now, one can draw a mental picture and possibly some conclusions. Yes, Ed is a successful businessman, consultant, forest landowner, Christmas tree grower and maple syrup producer (admittedly a hobby). He also has some real New ACF President Ed Steigerwaldt employs a estate development ventures in and hands-on management approach at work, around his hometown of Tomahawk. visiting everyone frequently to monitor project One would think from these accomprogress and get to know more about employees. plishments that Ed would be the typical forester, surely at work at least two hours before daylight, but reliable sources report that Ed is not an early riser. A man who values his sleep as much as Ed must work efficiently, which is exactly how he operates. After a couple cups of coffee, Ed hits the ground running. 31 THE CONSULTANT 2007

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of The Consultant - 2007

Executive Director’s Message Embracing Change
President’s Message Meeting the Challenge of the Fragmenting Forest
Forest Fragmentation
Parcelization: Different Owners, Different Practices
The New Generation of Private Forest Landowners: Brace for Change
Struggles Facing Wisconsin’s Professional Loggers
Saving Our Forests from a Fragmented Future
Selling the Business: Sequential Planning Versus Parallel Planning
A Survey of Consulting Forestry Education in Accredited Forestry Programs
Returning the American Chestnut to Our Forests
Woody Biomass for Energy – Has Its Time Come?
Meet the New ACF President
ACF Education Committee Looks to the Future
Mount Vernon Estate and Gardens Receives American Chestnut
Mississippi ACF/SAF Student Challenge
ACF National Conference Reflections
Harry Murphy: A Life in Consultation

The Consultant - 2007