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INSIDE ACF ACF National Conference Reflections BY JAYSEN HOGUE, STUDENT MSU COLLEGE OF FOREST RESOURCES HAD NEVER HEARD of ACF before Les Shelby, ACF, presented this opportunity to the Mississippi State University forestry students. As a junior in forestry, I had learned a good bit about how forestry operates in Mississippi and what it takes to be successful. My trip to the 2006 ACF National Conference in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, was very constructive and gave me valuable insight into consulting forestry across the nation. I already have benefited from the trip and know I have a better future. The trip to Wisconsin introduced me to a whole new region. I met and talked with consulting foresters from all around the nation. I was overwhelmed by the facts, ideas and techniques during the presentations given. Many different topics, from “Protecting Forestlands for Timber and Recreation” to “Impacts and Opportunities in the Logging Industry” and “New Timber Markets” helped me see the reality and diversity of forestry in our nation. I must admit if I had to remember all of those facts, I would have to review my notes. My favorite topic was “Forest Fragmentation: Challenges for Wood Supply” presented by Fred Souba, Jr., of Stora Enso. It was very interesting to learn how housing density will impact forests over the next 30 years and what the average size of a timber sale is in our nation today. Souba also presented a few ideas of how to mitigate the impacts, such as cooperative forestry programs, landowner cooperatives and education on sustainable forestry practices. The field tour to the Kretz Mill and Industrial Forest introduced me to many new things. The mill tour included a start-to-finish presentation from laser-guided saws that maximize value, drying kilns, re-sawing for flooring and cabinet stock, to finished lumber stacked for shipping. The slide show on the history of forestry in Wisconsin was really interesting. If only we had all of those monster eastern white pines today. I also found the bus ride to and from the mill fascinating. Seeing the diverse species of trees and patches of woods spaced along the landscape reminded me that I was no longer in Mississippi with infinite acres of Loblolly and Shortleaf pine plantations. However, that is why I went – 42 I THE CONSULTANT 2007

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of The Consultant - 2007

Executive Director’s Message Embracing Change
President’s Message Meeting the Challenge of the Fragmenting Forest
Forest Fragmentation
Parcelization: Different Owners, Different Practices
The New Generation of Private Forest Landowners: Brace for Change
Struggles Facing Wisconsin’s Professional Loggers
Saving Our Forests from a Fragmented Future
Selling the Business: Sequential Planning Versus Parallel Planning
A Survey of Consulting Forestry Education in Accredited Forestry Programs
Returning the American Chestnut to Our Forests
Woody Biomass for Energy – Has Its Time Come?
Meet the New ACF President
ACF Education Committee Looks to the Future
Mount Vernon Estate and Gardens Receives American Chestnut
Mississippi ACF/SAF Student Challenge
ACF National Conference Reflections
Harry Murphy: A Life in Consultation

The Consultant - 2007