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EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR’S MESSAGE Mapping the Future of ACF W e will celebrate ACF’s 60th birthtiture, the growth of TIMOs and REITs, forest day in Alaska, “America’s Last carbon credit markets and the technology revoFrontier.” Part of this celebration lution. And yet, consulting foresters the world includes the unveiling of the new over are remarkably alike. The key is to focus strategic plan charting the association’s course on the similarities instead of the differences. for the next five years and beyond. This plan The founding members of ACF might not was developed at a professionally led two-day recognize the modern landscape, but they would session in Panama City, Florida, by a selected not be afraid to march into it, map it out and cross-section of ACF members. How appropriset a new path forward. They founded ACF beate that the theme of the conference is “Piocause they recognized that change was needed; By Lynn Wilson neering Forestry’s Future.” they faced the challenges of their day and they ACF EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR proved themselves able. Forty years from now, The founding fathers of ACF were true will ACF celebrate its 100th anniversary or will pioneers. They were the dawn of a relatively it have faded into obscurity? new profession: consulting forestry. Risk takers for sure, The new strategic plan is a work in progress, and I hope mavericks certainly, this hearty band joined together with the committee also will be risk takers and mavericks. In our lofty goals and audacious ambition. They were ahead of changing world, to maintain the status quo is to fall behind. their time in so many ways. ACF was the first forestry Without an articulated vision as a road map, the road ahead group to require continuing education and the first to use a will be rocky indeed. This is not to say that road will always designation to signify that members had attained a level of be smooth, no matter how good the plan. competency above the herd. This year is also an anniversary for me, as I celebrate As I reflect on the strategic planning discussions, I am my 10th year in the national office. I have seen a great struck by two themes that, while seemingly conflicting, deal of growth in that time. Membership has increased define the hope for the future. The first theme is that ACF by 28 percent, dues have remained stable, and member standards, both ethical and professional, must remain high, services have been strengthened. ACF is a much healthier and the second is that, in order to advocate for and enhance association than it was in 1998. The most important reathe value of membership, we much reach out and encourage son I have stayed with the associanew members to join. tion is that private landowners need In one sense little has changed Your landowners need you, consulting foresters who are ethical – the new goals are closely aligned the forest needs you, and and expert. Your landowners need with the previous plan – and in anyou, the forest needs you, and ACF other sense everything has changed. ACF needs you. needs you. For the first time I heard words such I personally invite each of you to attend the National as global, international and interdisciplinary. The consultConference this year. As ACF contemplates the past 60 ing forestry community is quite different from the group of years and sets out its vision for the future, transform yourfive consultants who founded ACF in 1948. They could not self into a pioneer for your own future. l have imagined the rapidly changing pace of industry dives- THE CONSULTANT 2008 7

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of The Consultant - 2008

Executive Director’s Message Mapping the Future of ACF
President’s Message ACF Celebrates 60 Years
Professional Forestry Education: The Present, from a Texas Perspective
The Future of Forestry Education: Will We Prepare Relics or Icons?
Forestry and Consulting: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
Carbon – A Forestry Opportunity?
Advocacy – Its Benefits May Come With Frustrations
Katrina Top 10: Public Policy Advocacy Lessons Learned After Hurricane Disaster
‘Mighty Giants’ Details Rich History of American Chestnut Tree
The Cost of Breaking in New Employees
Hiring Practices: Questions You Shouldn’t Ask a Job Applicant
Graduate Forestry Degrees and Consulting Forestry
Taxation and Land Devaluation: An Examination of the Tax Burden on Non-industrial Private Landowners
Forester Licensing: Essential to Guarding the Forestry Profession
Forester Licensing: Not Worth the Effort
ACF Code of Ethics: Canon 15 What You Don’t Say or Do Can Hurt You
Philippe Morgan: European Forestry Consultant Extraordinaire
The Final Word: A Tale of Two Technologies

The Consultant - 2008