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PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE ACF Celebrates 60 Years T Steigerwaldt Land Serhe coming year vices is also observing a marks milestones in milestone, specifically, our both consulting for50 th anniversary. I can see estry and my life. I was born in 1948, the same a great number of paralyear ACF was formed. As I lels between our consulting grew up in a consulting forforestry business and the estry business, I was able to changes happening in ACF. follow the many changes that Steigerwaldt Land Sertook place in the organiza- By Ed Steigerwaldt vices was a sole proprition. As ACF members, we’re ACF PRESIDENT etorship for 13 years, until very privileged to have had I graduated from forestry leaders who negotiated the school at the University of path to where ACF is today. It was a Michigan in 1970 and went to work pleasure to know Ed Stuart, who put with my father. Today, Steigerwaldt so much time and effort into developLand Services has 27 full-time employing and growing ACF. I can think of ees and continues to see opportunities many accomplishments, including the for growth. Developing and growing early newsletter and the first Practicing a business, a forest or an association Foresters Institute class. With the work can be a challenge. One requirement and foresight of many dedicated people, for growth and success is the ability to ACF helped set the standard for continhave a vision and a long-range plan; uing forestry education and continues to though, having the flexibility to change do so today. directions within that plan is critical. The need to see opportunities and act on them compels change. Steigerwaldt Land Services was able to grow because we could anticipate change and act quickly. My father wouldn’t recognize the consulting business that exists here today. The forestry business world is changing. We’ve seen more fractionalization of forest land ownership and extensive 1980s foresters Ed Steigerwaldt and his father, Ed Steigerwaldt, Sr., in their company offices. THE CONSULTANT 2008 9

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of The Consultant - 2008

Executive Director’s Message Mapping the Future of ACF
President’s Message ACF Celebrates 60 Years
Professional Forestry Education: The Present, from a Texas Perspective
The Future of Forestry Education: Will We Prepare Relics or Icons?
Forestry and Consulting: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
Carbon – A Forestry Opportunity?
Advocacy – Its Benefits May Come With Frustrations
Katrina Top 10: Public Policy Advocacy Lessons Learned After Hurricane Disaster
‘Mighty Giants’ Details Rich History of American Chestnut Tree
The Cost of Breaking in New Employees
Hiring Practices: Questions You Shouldn’t Ask a Job Applicant
Graduate Forestry Degrees and Consulting Forestry
Taxation and Land Devaluation: An Examination of the Tax Burden on Non-industrial Private Landowners
Forester Licensing: Essential to Guarding the Forestry Profession
Forester Licensing: Not Worth the Effort
ACF Code of Ethics: Canon 15 What You Don’t Say or Do Can Hurt You
Philippe Morgan: European Forestry Consultant Extraordinaire
The Final Word: A Tale of Two Technologies

The Consultant - 2008