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PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE Volunteerism By Glen E. Dabney, ACF President n the following pages, you will find the results of many hours of work by no less than 18 volunteer authors. The articles in this year’s publication range from very serious articles concerning running a consulting business to interesting and entertaining articles about our fellow ACF consultants. Having had the opportunity to read many of the articles in advance, I can tell you that you are in for a treat again this year. As is the case every year, many hours are volunteered by fellow professionals to write articles for The Consultant. One of the defi nitions of volunteer in the Encarta Online Dictionary is, “somebody who works for nothing.” (I know, some of you are thinking that’s the description of a consultant. You will fi nd articles in this edition of The Consultant that address this We are looking for volunteers to concept too.) I don’t believe that this defi nition applies to the artirun for the executive committee cles you will fi nd in this publicaregional positions and to chair tion as the men and woman who volunteered invested their time national committees and task in you, me and our professional organization. They contributed forces as well. their time, energy and effort with only one expectation: benefiting each of us by sharing their hard earned knowledge. I thank them for their dedication to our profession and organization as I am sure you do as well. ACF is a volunteer organization except for our paid staffers in Washington, DC, who are responsible for successfully and economically maintaining the day-to-day operations of the association. The bulk of the services provided to ACF membership, and there are many, are managed through the efforts of our dedicated staff. However, without volunteers in each of the state ACF chapters, our organization would not survive. Our success and voice are based on you, the ACF membership. There are many opportunities for each of us to support ACF and to work to protect our right to practice our craft, the rights of individual landowners and the entrepreneurial free enterprise system. Each state chapter needs members to volunteer for local offices. We are looking for volunteers to run for the executive committee regional positions and to chair national committees and task forces as well. Your association needs your support and we need you to volunteer. I hope you enjoy the 2010 Consultant. O Herbicides, Aerial Application, Herbaceous Weed Control, Site Prep, and Pine Release Customer Service is our #1 Priority! Locations: Jackson, MS Tad Owens Ty Williams (601) 922-0633 Columbus, MS Cory Sims (662) 327-2729 Summerville, SC Brian Collins (843) 835-3423 Americus, GA Bo Ewing (229) 924-9459 Corporate Office Gum Springs, AR Shreveport, LA Mike Cage Shannon Taylor Robby Keen (870) 246-5968 Royal Tyler Branford, FL (318) 425-5944 Andy Pierce Ada, OK (386) 935-4722 Phill Lawrence (580) 436-0883 Harper, TX Larry Mauldin (830) 864-5363 Houston, TX Stan Jones (713) 924-6929 Tyler, TX Darren Rozell (903) 596-7728 Alabaster, AL Mike Ream Brad Tinsley (205) 664-1077 Jasper, TX George Bieber (409) 384-7965 THE CONSULTANT 2010 447609_redriver.indd 1 7 10/5/09 2:49:32 PM

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of The Consultant - 2010

Executive Director’s Message
President’s Message
Putting Forests, Forestry and Forest Products on the Nation’s Agenda
The Average American Family Forest Owner
Growing Your Business in the Current Recession
Engaging Family Woodland Owners: A Social Marketing Approach
Making Numbers Tell the Truth
Where Are the Conflicts of Interest in Timber Sale Fees?
Marketing Your Business
Income Tax on Cost Share Payment from the Forest Health Protection Program
Improving Appraisals for Tax Reporting Purposes
Expert Witnessing
Meet Paddy Bruton… Again
Being Jim Spitz
The View from the Rockies
Musings of an Endangered Species, or What to do After the Rapture

The Consultant - 2010