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EMERGING PROFESSIONALS Inspiration: It’s Worth It by Simone Clayborn, Emerging Professionals Chair With the holidays behind us, we here on the Emerging Professional Committee have been hard at work putting the final touches on our winter social, organizing what we are sure will be a dynamic event on the amazing world of blogging. In the process of brainstorming for the blog event and thinking about the more successful design blogs, I kept coming back to the question of inspiration. For the designer, a blog is a way of introducing yourself to the world at large, giving voice to your design aesthetic, and communicating to your audience the type of work you aim to do. For the best in the blogosphere, the images posted are stunning: high-end hotels, “Bohemian Glam” penthouses with a view, “tailored” townhouses—the list goes on. But again I come back to the question of inspiration. Are we as designers truly drawing inspiration from the work of our peers? Or are we merely picking up bits and bobs as we go along, following the trends, and inserting the adapted bits and bobs? Just imagine if Dorothy Draper never felt inspired to experiment. I wonder how long she could have sustained a career, at that time, doing period rooms. As designers we are supposed to be arbiters of style. After all, that’s why clients come to us. So it is our duty to propel the future course of design. In New York metro area, we are fortunate to have an abundance of resources at our disposal. However, having them is one thing and using them is another. Having them and allowing them to go to waste is . . . well, a waste! It’s the same with your ASID membership. Working with the EP Committee, I have come to see an ASID membership not only as an intermediary to the source, but also as a support network. As an ASID member you have access both to ASID and to member-sponsored cultural events, mentorship opportunities, continuing education classes, networking opportunities, NCIDQ test prep classes, the job board, informative lectures, and so much more. The benefits, like everything else, are what you make of them. It is a great time for us here on the EP Committee and a great time to be a member of ASID. Allow the EP Committee to introduce you to our industry partners and their products, teach you about new technology, business practices, what it means to be a sole practitioner in this day and age, and create a sense of camaraderie as we forge a new future for ourselves. I know not everyone is a Dorothy Draper, and many of us stick to what is tried and true, but with a little drive and inspiration . . Double O Nesting Bamboo Tables Available as a set or individually EUGENE STOLTZFUS™ 5 4 0 . 4 3 7 . 4 2 8 6 | w w w. e u g e n e s t o l t z f u s . c o m 569443_Eugene.indd 1 sustainable + responsible In NY at MODULE R 141 Atlantic Ave. Brooklyn 1/25/12 2:52:38 PM ASID NY METRO CHAPTER | SPRING 2012 | 25

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