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TO THE TRADE The New World of Countertops From recycled glass to concrete, natural and manufactured stone, and beyond, the full spectrum of what is out there in today’s countertop market means an unprecedented array of choices offering sustainability and long-term value. by Jean Feingold Newport White granite top from Fordham. One of the most important concepts today’s interior design professional needs to internalize is the notion of value-based design. Now more than ever, as the realities of our new economy become ever more apparent, clients are making design decisions based not only on aesthetics, but also to express their commitment to sustainability and long-term value. Designers can build value for clients with in-depth product knowledge, technical knowhow and access to resources and innovations not well known to the general public. Bringing new ideas and solutions to the table is what demonstrates our professionalism and education. Knowing about new materials, how they perform and how to use them to set a project apart is what elevates design from ordinary to extraordinary. Nowhere is this more apparent today than in the huge diversity and innovation in countertop materials. In designing kitchens and baths, entertainment cabinetry and other areas where long-term value reigns supreme, new materials offer a major pathway to first-rate design, as well as an opportunity to introduce new concepts such as recycled materials and green design. GLASS: AN UNLIMITED PALETTE Glass is an eye-catching, translucent material and a real up and comer in the countertop market, as durable and easy to maintain as most other countertop materials. Because of its price and distinctive look, you might suggest using glass as an accent material rather than throughout the space. Glass countertops can be imbued with a variety of textures and colors, putting a virtually unlimited palette at your disposal. GlassKote by Manhattan Shade & Glass is a color fixing or coating that can be applied to any type of 8 | SPRING 2012 | ASID NY METRO CHAPTER

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TO THE TRADE The New World of Countertops
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