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Q | the workings of wa shington | R PRIORITIES OF THE A ACS GOVERNMENT RELATIONS COMMITTEE To m E . Ne tt ing , Co n s ult a nt, Ak e r m a n Se nte r f itt, L L P Legislative Front| B EA U TYLIN K | T H E 2 0 1 0 ST UDE NT The AACS Government Relations Committee is actively engaged in matters affecting the cosmetology school industry. On behalf of your institution and its students, here is a brief summation of the most recent issues. The Student Aid and Financial Responsibility Act (H.R. 3221) On Sept. 17, 2009, the U.S. House of Representatives approved by a 253-171 vote the Obama administration’s proposals to, among other things, eliminate federal subsidies to the lender in the Federal Family Education Loan Program (bringing with it a full transition to Federal Direct Student lending by July 1, 2010), incrementally increase maximum Federal Pell Grant awards at a rate of the Consumer Price Index plus 1 percent and promote greater certificate and degree attainment through the American Graduation Initiative. Included with these and other proposed revisions to higher education policy is a further modification to the 90/10 Rule. The Senate has yet to take up the legislation. AACS is monitoring the legislation and working to ensure that the language is consistent with our views on student access and institutional equity. We have serious concerns with the potential impact on consumers, including borrowers and their families, if the transition to 100 percent direct lending is not properly handled, resulting in borrower confusion with the increased number of contact points and servicers, weakened customer service and less reliable servicing and collection activities, which under a worst case scenario will result in increased defaults. Further, while we support the proposed increases in student access through incremental increases in Federal Pell Grant maximums, we are concerned with the impact these increases will have on future institutional eligibility under the 90/10 Rule, and are also disappointed that many of the proposals designed to promote greater student access and pursuit of academic credential at the certificate and diploma level fail to include our sector as eligible participants. The Veterans Training Act (H.R. 3813) A bipartisan group of Pennsylvania U.S. House of Representative members, including original author and champion Joe Sestak and Reps. Todd Platts and Jason Altmire, have introduced legislation seeking to expand post-Sept. 11 GI benefits to veterans and their families seeking to enroll in certificate and diploma programs at non-degree granting schools. AACS supports this legislation and is seeking additional House co-sponsors and a Senate Champion to introduce companion legislation in the Senate. The Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2009 (H.R. 4173) On Dec. 11, 2009, the U.S. House of Representatives approved by a 223-202 vote a consolidated package of a dozen or more reform bills seeking to further reform the financial markets and provide additional protection for consumers. Included in the legislation is the establishment of the Consumer Financial Protection Agency, an independent agency to regulate the provision of consumer fi nancial products or services, including oversight of the private student loan industry. The Senate has yet to take up the legislation. AACS is monitoring the legislation and working to ensure that the language is consistent with our views on institutional and student equity. We opposed an earlier version of the provision which would have focused CFPA

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Beauty Link - volume 2, issue 1
Message From the AACS President And CEA Chair
Teaching The Millennial Generation
The Workings Of Washington
Mobile Marketing: The Next Big Thing In Recruitment Advertising
Mindset List For The Class of 2010
AACS Listserve Q&A: Extinguishing Bad Attitudes
Decoding The Results: Attitudes And Perceptions Of Beauty And Wellness Careers From the AACS Commissioned National Survey
Educator Resource Review
And Then There’s Compliance
The 2009 AACS Annual Convention: Building Essential Links To Success
Voices From The Classroom
From A Distance: Today’s Education Experience
Turning Over A New Leaf
Regulatory Issues
Connecting Through Conflict: Turning Angry Clients Into Happy Ones
Student Scholarship Opportunities
Superstar Graduates
New School Members
Associate Member Profiles
New Products & Services
People & Places
Calling All Skin Care Educators
Upcoming 2010 Events
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Beauty Link - volume 2, issue 1