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Q | feat ure | R Ge rard Mc Ave y, E xec ut ive Mark e t ing Ma n age r, Mil a dy From a Distance: Today’s Education Experience STUDENTS ARE ENHANCING THEIR EDUCATION BY PARTICIPATING IN SELECT COURSES FROM THE COMFORT OF THEIR OWN HOMES. O ne of the greatest aspects of the beauty and wellness industry is its constant evolution and incorporation of change. Consider all of the positive changes you’ve witnessed over the last five, 10, or 15 years, depending on how long you’ve been a part of this industry. Styles and trends have evolved, and the tools we use have seen improvements in quality. As for the people, estheticians are growing in number and expanding their reach into the allied health community. Stylists are making a name for themselves on the conference circuit, and it seems you can’t turn on your television without catching a glimpse of a token celebrity stylist pampering and preening a guest. Education has also changed. Today’s student has a completely different academic experience than the majority of us did in the past, including myself. Homework is typed, not handwritten; instructional video is viewed via high-quality DVDs; instructors utilize PowerPoint to disseminate information, making the overhead projector obsolete. What’s more, most students had their first experience with a computer in kindergarten, if not earlier. Students today aren’t drastically different B E A U T YL I NK | T H E 2 0 1 0 S T U D E NT |

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Beauty Link - volume 2, issue 1
Message From the AACS President And CEA Chair
Teaching The Millennial Generation
The Workings Of Washington
Mobile Marketing: The Next Big Thing In Recruitment Advertising
Mindset List For The Class of 2010
AACS Listserve Q&A: Extinguishing Bad Attitudes
Decoding The Results: Attitudes And Perceptions Of Beauty And Wellness Careers From the AACS Commissioned National Survey
Educator Resource Review
And Then There’s Compliance
The 2009 AACS Annual Convention: Building Essential Links To Success
Voices From The Classroom
From A Distance: Today’s Education Experience
Turning Over A New Leaf
Regulatory Issues
Connecting Through Conflict: Turning Angry Clients Into Happy Ones
Student Scholarship Opportunities
Superstar Graduates
New School Members
Associate Member Profiles
New Products & Services
People & Places
Calling All Skin Care Educators
Upcoming 2010 Events
Index To Advertisers

Beauty Link - volume 2, issue 1