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Q | feat ure | R All Skin Care Educators NOW IS THE TIME FOR ASSOCIATED SKIN CARE PROFESSIONALS (ASCP) TO BRING SKIN CARE SCHOOL OWNERS UP TO DATE ON THE ACTIVITIES OF THE ASCP SKIN CARE SCHOOLS COUNCIL AND URGE SCHOOLS TO GET INVOLVED. The council voted last July to develop a joint effort with the American Association of Cosmetology Schools (AACS) to raise the profile of skin care schools. The council met a second time with both founding and new school participants at the AACS annual conference in November. The main session was attended by approximately 35 skin care school owners and educators, and that presence, combined with skin care exhibitors on the trade show floor, brought new prominence to skin care education. Several participants rated every aspect of the program “excellent” on evaluation sheets afterward. “I definitely think the council will be a great new addition,” Brenda Scharman, Salt Lake City, said. “The skin care profession has had more growth and awareness the last few years than anybody could have imagined.” Other forms praised the “great program” and “lots of good information.” By joining this effort, skin care school owners can expand their ability to network, share ideas, gain a voice in state and federal legislation, and work with others dedicated to elevating the skin care profession. ASCP also has developed a Webinar that educators can view to familiarize themselves with the benefits of participation. To learn more, visit and click on “Resources for Skin Care Educators,” then “ASCP Skin Care Schools Council.” ASCP brought skin care educators together in 2009 to help found the Skin Care Schools Council and continues to provide organizational and administrative assistance, as well as coordinating communication. For more information, contact ASCP at 800789-0411 or Mission of the ASCP Skin Care Schools Council We seek to elevate the skin care industry by strengthening its education sector and developing a respected, robust voice for the viewpoints of skin care educators. Wherever possible, we desire to advance those aims collaboratively with other industry professionals. Join AACS/CEA Have a tight budget but want to attend one of AACS’s conventions this year? INVEST in an AACS membership and SAVE MONEY! SCHOOL OWNERS: First-year AACS membership dues are 40 percent off ($510 for schools that accept title IV funding and $330 for non-title IV schools) PLUS! Each new school receives a certificate good for one FREE convention registration to any AACS 2010 convention AACS members can save up to $350 on individual convention registrations and save even more on group registrations Once your school is a member, all your educators can join CEA for FREE EDUCATORS: (from non-AACS member schools) Invest $50 in CEA membership dues, and save up to $125 on your CEA convention registration fee To join AACS or CEA, fill out membership applications at or American Association of Cosmetology Schools Cosmetology Educators of America 21_join.indd 1 B E A U T YL I NK | T H E 2 0 1 0 S T U D E NT | 2/8/10 7:56:42 AM

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Beauty Link - volume 2, issue 1
Message From the AACS President And CEA Chair
Teaching The Millennial Generation
The Workings Of Washington
Mobile Marketing: The Next Big Thing In Recruitment Advertising
Mindset List For The Class of 2010
AACS Listserve Q&A: Extinguishing Bad Attitudes
Decoding The Results: Attitudes And Perceptions Of Beauty And Wellness Careers From the AACS Commissioned National Survey
Educator Resource Review
And Then There’s Compliance
The 2009 AACS Annual Convention: Building Essential Links To Success
Voices From The Classroom
From A Distance: Today’s Education Experience
Turning Over A New Leaf
Regulatory Issues
Connecting Through Conflict: Turning Angry Clients Into Happy Ones
Student Scholarship Opportunities
Superstar Graduates
New School Members
Associate Member Profiles
New Products & Services
People & Places
Calling All Skin Care Educators
Upcoming 2010 Events
Index To Advertisers

Beauty Link - volume 2, issue 1