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Q | message from the a a cs pres ide nt an d cea ch air | R UNDERSTANDING TODAY’S STUDENT I I don’t know how I got to be so old, but somehow I did. I try to keep up with all the changes and stay relevant, but no matter how hard I try, I always seem to be at least one step behind. Although it isn’t easy, I do manage to stay aware of the current trends in business, government affairs and education, but I must admit, I still don’t understand some of our students. The future success of your school may well depend on your ability to understand and meet the needs of the 2010 student. Fortunately, this issue of BeautyLink focuses on exactly that. Most of our students aren’t anything like I was. Today’s students are more diverse than ever. The 2010 student is of every age, ethnicity and background. Some of our students may be recent high school graduates, but many have either lost a job, are changing careers or are mothers of grown children who are returning to the workforce. Their individual needs are very different. Identifying and meeting those needs is not an easy task. That doesn’t mean we can’t do it. It just means it won’t be easy. This issue of BeautyLink will definitely point us in the right direction. There are articles on scholarships, text messaging, social media and distance learning. Susan Miller will share the results of a comprehensive survey that reveals the public perception of a career in the beauty industry. The better we understand our students, the more successful we will be and the articles in this issue will help us do just that—be more successful. JOHN HALAL AACS PRESIDENT THE FUTURE SUCCESS OF YOUR SCHOOL MAY WELL DEPEND ON YOUR ABILITY TO UNDERSTAND AND MEET THE NEEDS OF THE 2010 STUDENT. CREATING AN ACTION PLAN W Welcome to 2010. With the new year comes new opportunities and new responsibilities. I am looking forward to every single one that will be presented this year. One new opportunity and responsibility is teaching the 2010 student. What will the 2010 student look like? How will they learn? There are many questions we can ask ourselves to help prepare for this new student. I have pondered this myself and have come up with an action plan to help stay focused on the new student I am teaching. I will: 1. Keep it simple, be clear and take action. This is my new mantra and the direction I take with my students and teams. 2. Think critically and work collaboratively. 3. Give extra effort to achieve exponential results. It’s up to you to create your action plan for 2010. This issue of BeautyLink is filled with expert advice on what the 2010 student will look like and how they will learn. Take the time to read it and the articles will aid you in creating your 2010 action plan. Thank you to all of the industry experts that have taken time to share their tips and techniques with us in this issue. You have encouraged us to realize success. Please join us for the next CEA Annual Convention, July 23–26, 2010, at the Renaissance Orlando Resort at Sea World in Orlando, Fla. We are expecting a great lineup of class sessions, industry experts, new ideas and presentations. Register today! Live, love and learn, KIM MCINTOSH CEA CHAIR | B EA U TYLIN K | T H E 2 0 1 0 ST UDE NT

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Beauty Link - volume 2, issue 1

Beauty Link - volume 2, issue 1
Message From the AACS President And CEA Chair
Teaching The Millennial Generation
The Workings Of Washington
Mobile Marketing: The Next Big Thing In Recruitment Advertising
Mindset List For The Class of 2010
AACS Listserve Q&A: Extinguishing Bad Attitudes
Decoding The Results: Attitudes And Perceptions Of Beauty And Wellness Careers From the AACS Commissioned National Survey
Educator Resource Review
And Then There’s Compliance
The 2009 AACS Annual Convention: Building Essential Links To Success
Voices From The Classroom
From A Distance: Today’s Education Experience
Turning Over A New Leaf
Regulatory Issues
Connecting Through Conflict: Turning Angry Clients Into Happy Ones
Student Scholarship Opportunities
Superstar Graduates
New School Members
Associate Member Profiles
New Products & Services
People & Places
Calling All Skin Care Educators
Upcoming 2010 Events
Index To Advertisers

Beauty Link - volume 2, issue 1