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MESSAGE FROM THE AACS PRESIDENT AND CEA CO-CHAIRS Uncertainty Is No Excuse for Passivity WELCOME TO A We’re all in this together, so let’s get both oars in the water and recommit to the basics of training, budgeting and outstanding education as we pursue our dream. Together, we can set a course for a successful 2013! new year brimming with opportunities, challenges and plenty of potential. As much as the new year calls us to establish fresh resolutions and set a course for the year, we are mindful that we cannot control what legislation the GE regulation ultimately imposes on our industry. But uncertainty is no excuse for passivity! As an industry, we can insulate our schools through adherence to the basics of sound business and industry best practices. Budgeting and training are basic tenants that support a healthy school regardless of the regulatory environment. We need to re-examine our budgets and our training programs to ensure they are best serving students and staff. Are we making training investments that move the WHAT DOES THE phrase, “back to basics” mean for cosmetology needle in the right direction? Are educators? Thriving learning environments are rooted in both theowe turning our schools into—a retical and practical classroom basics. Below we share some of our term I learned from CEA Co-Chair thoughts on embracing “back to basics.” Dan Cavanagh—“professional learning communities”? Are our DAN CAVANAGH: Theoretically, success as an educator is rooted in team members receiving the inforessential beliefs. My beliefs include: mation, tools and support they • All people deserve dignity and respect. need to deliver the best educa• A person’s primary goals include having their needs met, connecttional experience? ing with others and feeling significant. Misbehavior is an inapWhile we analyze performance propriate attempt to have a need met or to feel significance and and set metrics, it’s important, too, connection. that we still believe in our dream. • Students who feel better, act better. Instead of punitive discipline, This year marks the 50th anniverwe can set limits and teach students how to behave appropriately sary of Martin Luther King’s March without the use of guilt, shame or fear. on Washington and his “I Have a • People often create what they think they deserve. If they project Dream” speech. Dreams are often anger, in many cases it is because they feel they deserve to be sparks launching the activities punished. that create our future. • Be hard on the issue and gentle with the student. And speaking of inspiring our future, I’m reminded of another hisCAROL WOODARD: Practically speaking, every lesson begins with a torical figure who spoke about the basic core in mind. I break down the CORE as: power of dreams. First Lady Elea• C (Curious): Instructors make the student curious enough to nor Roosevelt said, “The future come to class. belongs to those who believe in the • O (Open): When a student is curious in the classroom, they beauty of their dreams.” are open to taking risk and doing their best work. While we cannot determine • R (Risk):  Take the risk to be open-minded in classroom discusthe actions of the GE, collectively sions and demonstrations. and as individual schools, we can • E (Energy): Deliver the lesson plan with energy, no matter the make every effort to make our hour or circumstances. industry even stronger. We’re all in As simple as it sounds, don’t forget basic manners when interactthis together, so let’s get both oars ing with your students. Greet them with a warm hello each morning in the water and recommit to the and be generous with thank-yous for their involvement and presence basics of training, budgeting and in class each day. outstanding education as we purConnect with us on MemberLink (from, sue our dream. Together, we can click on MemberLink; login is your email address, and your firstset a course for a successful 2013! time password is Password1), and let us know what back to basic principles are working in your classroom! Roots in Theoretical and Practical Basics CHRISTINE GORDON AACS PRESIDENT CAROL WOODARD AND DAN CAVANAGH CEA CO-CHAIRS 10 | B E AU TYLINK | BA CK TO B ASIC S | 2013

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Message from the aacs president and cea co-chairs
Consider this
In-Depth Report
Be Your Best Educator
Superstar graduates
A Wish for Wellness
Beauty changes lives
Perception Is Reality
Step by step
Veterans and Our Industry
Do You Manage or Lead
Multicultural corner
What’s in a Grade?
Basics of Beauty School Budgeting
A Little Friendly Competition
A student’s perspective
Reality Check
And then there’s compliance
Beauty School Boot Camp
Associate member profiles
People & places
New products & services
Upcoming 2013 events
New school members
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Beauty Link - Volume 5, Issue 1