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The Professional Nail Industry & Schools IN-DEPTH REPORT BY JENN LYLES PART ONE OF A TWO-PART SERIES he nail industry was a $7.3 billion market in 2012, up from $5.4 billion just five years ago according to Nails magazine’s Big Book. Their studies reveal more than half of the surveyed nail technicians are the only nail-service employee working in their salon and 18.5 percent say they average more than $750 in weekly income. With stats like these, it’s hard to believe that cosmetology schools across the country are dropping their nail programs and focusing more on hair, skincare and massage. There is no easy answer as to why this is occurring. After all, Connecticut aside, most states require a license to be a nail technician. State hour requirements vary from D.C.’s 125-hour program to Alabama’s 750 hours. Historically, it was the Vietnamese-owned salons in the U.S. that fi rst made nail services more affordable to the everyday consumer. American actress and model Tippi Hedren was vital T Walk-ins What Percentage of Your Business Is Appointments Vs. Walk-Ins? Regular appointments (clients who schedule their appointments one by one) 46.2% Standing appointments (clients who come in every other Tuesday at 9, for example) 38.4% 13.1% Other (filling in for another tech, for example) 2.3% 3% 2% Of respondents work exclusively on standing appointments Take walk-ins exclusively 39% Take no walk-ins SOURCE: NAILS MAGAZINE 2011-2012 INDUSTRY STATISTICS in this movement among the Vietnamese community when she was a relief coordinator in the mid ’70s and visited refugees in California. It was there where she learned that many of the women were interested in the nail industry, and she employed her personal manicurist to teach them and help them fi nd jobs. Today many states, including California, Indiana, Massachusetts, Missouri, North Dakota and Wisconsin, offer the state exams in Vietnamese. Because of the success of Vietnamese immigrants in the nail industry, Advance Beauty College in Southern California reaches capacity each enrollment period. “Our nail program is one of the largest programs at our school,” Tam Nguyen said. He is sympathetic to schools that decide to close their nail programs. “When the numbers aren’t there, it doesn’t make sense,” he said. “The reason we are so successful is because we are located in Orange County—the county with the highest Vietnamese population in the entire country.” Nguyen said his nail technician graduates, who are 90 percent Asian, don’t have a hard time fi nding work. Many of their family members own salons, and the language barrier isn’t an issue with nails like it is with hair, he noted. However, these lowcost salons that are on just about every corner are causing the general public to look for ways to elevate their experience. Joe Schlesinger of CBC News investigated these “corner nail salons” and found that higher-priced spas have made a comeback. “Perhaps because customers from the Vietnamese parlors, having gotten used to regular manicures and pedicures, are opting for fancier surroundings and more elaborate service,” he said in his 2011 report. Nails reports that over half of nail technicians are married with kids, making this a flexible career for anyone. In fact, 33 percent of nail professionals are Caucasian and 10 percent are Hispanic. While the majority are booth renters, bigger chains are seeking nail techs as employees, offering full benefits and a great salary. “All of these options weren’t available when I got my license 30 years ago,” said Doni Horn, a licensed nail technician 16 | B E AU TYLINK | BA CK TO BASIC S | 2 013

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