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SPECIAL GOVERNMENT SECTION Q | workings of wa shington | R CERTAINTY IN UNCERTAIN TIMES To m E . Ne tt ing , Co n s ult a nt, Ak e r m a n Se nte r f itt, L L P I do not ever recall such a time in our industry. The last several months have been nothing short of organized chaos, but the last year and a half has literally been a rollercoaster ride. The ups have been highlighted by the inclusion of the Kline/Hastings Amendment in the House by a veto proof majority 289-136 (insert number) and the lows punctuated by a GAO report that was nothing short of contrived and hearings in the Senate that were stacked against the for-profit sector. As of the writing of this article, the long awaited and feared Gainful Employment (GE) Regulations have yet to be published. The other 13.5 Program Integrity Regulations have an effective date for compliance of July 1, and yet, in spite of a series of Dear Colleague Letters (DCL), many questions still remain. So let’s start with what is certain. On July 1, 2011, the 13.5 Program Integrity Provisions that were negotiated last year will take effect. We are also assuming at this time that the GE Final Rule will be published in time for its scheduled implementation. Over the last several months, through various communications, we have attempted to keep you informed of the developments – from the Negotiated Rulemaking process until now. Of the 13.5 new regulations, in no particular order, here is what you should be prepared to comply with: High School Diplomas: All institutions will have to implement a procedure to evaluate the validity of a high school diploma when its authenticity is questionable. Through various sites on the Internet you may be able to verify the existence or ability for certain entities to grant a high school diploma. SIMPLY PUT, ANYONE THAT IS RESPONSIBLE FOR ENROLLING STUDENTS OR SECURING FINANCIAL AID MAY NOT BE PAID BASED ON THEIR PERFORMANCE IN THOSE JOBS. B E A U T YL I NK | P E R S E V E R E | 2 0 1 1 | 11

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Beauty Link - volume 3, issue 2
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The Workings of Washington
Confident Constituent: Contacting Your Legislator with Poise
CEA Annual Convention: Share Your Passion
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New Opportunity for Associate Members
NEW AACS Member Benefits: Health Insurance and Online Employee Training
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Nature’s Wrath: Schools’ Stories of Surviving the Unpredictable
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Beauty Link - Volume 3, Issue 2