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SPECIAL GOVERNMENT SECTION Q | meeting with leg islators | R CONFIDENT CONSTITUENT: CONTACTING YOUR LEGISLATOR WITH POISE D ana Sw anson, C PhT., MBA, AAC S Go ver n m en t Rel a t i o n s C o m m i t t ee Phagans’ Cosmetology Colleges CFO meets with Oregon Senator B y Kris tie Dav is I It is more important than ever to know who your legislator (Congress or Senate) is and how to contact them. Who Is Your Legislator? For the U.S. House of Representatives, go to From the “Representatives” section you can look up information on your Congressman. If you are not sure who your Congressman is, look on your voter registration card and under U.S. Congress it will list a number. The number represents the district you live in for your state. For the U.S. Senate, go to, and from the “Senators” tab select the state you live in. You will then be able to select which Senator from your state that you would like information. Legislators Mailing Lists Even if you do not plan to contact your legislator in the near future about an issue, contact their office staff and give them your contact information to be put on the email/mailing lists from their office. Constituents are alerted to “town hall” meetings through the mail or via email. Last summer, I was able to attend a very small ‘town hall’ with our Senator from Oregon, Senator Jeff Merkley, who is on the Senate HELP committee. I had prepared a packet of our college materials as well as our NPRM responses. I had also contacted the GRC team leader, Tony Fragomeni, and consulted with Tom Netting prior to the event to gain confidence in my/our message to the Senator if I had the chance to speak with him. For the town hall forum, I got lucky, my number was called. I was sitting just in front of the Senator, so when I stood up I was essentially right in front of him. It was meaningful because it was emotional. He could see that I was truly saddened about the negative impact the proposed legislation would have on the small communities we serve and the students we educate. After the town hall, the Senator and his aide gave me their email address. I followed up with an email to his local aide. What was remarkable, to me, was that his local aide responded. The journey got better as we kept following up with each other, and I was really able to develop a trusting relationship with Senator Merkley’s senior aide. I would encourage each and every member of our association to attempt to build a relationship with their Congressmen. Collectively we could make such a profound impact. You might not get as far as you would like with all of them, but it just takes at least one key contact to make a difference. In Person Meeting: Appointment The best way to communicate with your legislator is in a face-toface meeting. The two best way is either schedule an appointment with their local office (unless you are planning a trip to D.C.) or by attending a town hall meeting. Unless your legislator has walk-in meeting times at their local offices, the best way is to schedule an appointment at their local office. Appointments are made by written request. Keep your request short and respectful. The key points to cover in your request: • Date of meeting. • Time for meeting; give a range, for example, anytime between 1–4 p.m. • Who you are and why you are asking for the meeting. • Complete contact information including home address, email and phone number. 14 | B EA U TYLIN K | P E RSE VE RE | 2 0 1 1

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Beauty Link - volume 3, issue 2
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Beauty Link - Volume 3, Issue 2