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Q | feat ure | R OVERCOMING CHALLENGES: of Inspiration Part One of a Two-Part Series Stories [ per·se·ver·ance ] Steady persistence in a course of action, a purpose, a state, etc., especially in spite of difficulties, obstacles or discouragement. S 28 ome of the best examples of perseverance can be seen in our students. Every individual faces challenges during their life, and our students are no exception. However, with their minds set on a career in the beauty industry, when obstacles appear in their path they do what it takes to overcome them. Gina Kinion, beauty school owner in Missouri, shared her belief on how these students make it happen: “The reason they have overcome these challenges ... is because they had a belief that this industry could change their lives and allow them to live the life they have always wanted to live.” You know your students best, and when we reached out to you to share stories about obstacles your students have faced and overcame, we were flooded with responses. These first five stories are just the beginning; we will continue this article in the next issue with more of these amazing stories. CODY’S JOURNEY CODY’S JOURNEY HAS been far from ordinary. Early on he realized that he had a special talent. At a young age he began hair tattooing (shaving patterns in the hair) for friends and family. Cody was born without his left arm which led his foster parents to question whether he would be able to complete cosmetology school. Cody wanted to hear none of it, so he decided it was time to prove them wrong and enrolled in school. Cody began the barbering program at Beau Monde and was feeding off his foster parents’ doubt. Cody was faced with numerous challenges, such as holding two things at once. His comb and shears presented a problem but the solution was rather simple: Cody taped a comb to his prosthetic hand and continued on. After moving onto the clinic floor, he was forced to cope all over again with the odd looks from clients, but he didn’t let it get him down. The same clients that worried about his hand raved about his performance. Cody is now one of the most booked students at Beau Monde. Cody’s journey through cosmetology school has been both challenging and inspiring. Through this all he has been an inspiration for not only the disabled, but for everyone here at Beau Monde. Sue Graham, Beau Monde College, Portland, Ore. AGAINST THE ODDS SEVERAL YEARS AGO we had a deaf student who was an immigrant from Eastern Europe. An agency provided an interpreter for her who stayed with her 100 percent of the time during our basic training. The interpreter she had was amazing; she was also an educator so was able to see things that would make it work for everybody. The interpreter stood beside the instructor’s desk as she taught theory and gave demonstrations, notes, etc. This experience was the impetus we needed to put a lot more of our curriculum in (transparencies at the time) PowerPoint, which was a great help to visual learners. We allowed the deaf student and her interpreter to go to a different room for tests. This student was amazing. Her experiences of fleeing from a government that was unfair, having to learn sign language in the first country she became a refugee in, and then having to learn ASL, gave her the determination to succeed. Jean Ann Hentges, Stewart School, Sioux Falls S.D. | B EA U TYLIN K | P E RSE VE RE | 2 0 1 1

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Beauty Link - volume 3, issue 2
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Beauty Link - Volume 3, Issue 2