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Q | s upe r st ar g ra d u a t e s | R KIRSTEN FISHER: AN EMPOWERED SURVIVOR K Do you know a superstar graduate? Send a brief bio along with the graduate’s contact information to Your superstar could be featured in the next issue of BeautyLink! Kirsten Fisher uses one word to describe herself: empowered. Not a word you would expect from a victim of domestic violence. But that is exactly what she is today, a survivor. “I had just entered a domestic violence program and while I was there, I was given vouchers from Empire to get my hair and nails done to build my self esteem,” said Fisher. “I noticed the women working on me were very happy. They seemed to be enjoying what they were doing. Cosmetology was always a field I was interested in, but never thought I could do. It was that experience that prompted me to go to Empire and talk with them about enrolling.” As a mother of four young children, it wasn’t easy for Fisher to go back to school, but she managed to attend full time. Each day she says she grew more as a person. “I was looking forward to my new career. The teachers were very encouraging and it was never overwhelming. Coming to school felt like a break.” During her time at Empire, Kirsten did what she could to raise awareness about domestic violence. She spoke in front of her classmates about her experience as a survivor, and how the local shelter helped her fi nd a better life for herself and her children. She was also invited to speak at the American Association of Cosmetology Schools’ Beauty Changes Lives event in Phoenix. In 2010, Fisher graduated from Empire Beauty School, passed her licensing exam and started working. Not long after, a client came to her chair with a familiar story. “I had a young woman come in and she had stitches in her head, and she wanted her hair evened out because it had been chopped off,” said Fisher. “She wanted it short to the point where no one could grab it. I immediately gave her numbers to the hotline and after she left the salon that day, she never went home. She went to get help.” It was a moment Fisher says she will never forget. “It’s a good feeling inside to know you can help.” Kirsten Fisher on stage with Allie Bones of the Domestic Violence Coalition, at the Beauty Changes Lives event in Phoenix Fisher says she is proud to be an alumnus of a school that offers domestic violence awareness training to its students. “Women who are in abusive relationships rarely have anyone they can turn to. They feel their abuser may find out they are looking for help. Just being able to approach the situation cautiously and carefully could save a life.” As for her own life, Fisher says she takes life day by day. “I have realistic goals. Long term I would love to open my own salon. Short term I want to build a comfortable clientele. I want to experience everything I can in this industry. I want to continue my education, possibly become a teacher. Empire has done so much for me.” When asked about her advice to students who feel they simply can’t make it through, she says one word. “Perseverance. Never give up. It’s important to live out your dreams, take it one day at a time, and never lose sight of what is important to you.” 40 | B EA U TYLIN K | P E RSE VE RE | 2 0 1 1

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Beauty Link - volume 3, issue 2
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Beauty Link - Volume 3, Issue 2