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Q | feat ure | R Teaching Payoffs: ROI C . Jea n i n e F u l t o n , F o u n d er a n d Di r ec t o r o f Op er a t i o n s , P er s o n a Ma r k et oth of my parents are retired schoolteachers with a combined tenure of over 77 years. My father taught in the public school system as a band teacher for 44 years, and my mother taught English for nearly 34 years. Growing up in a household with parents as teachers gave me special insight that most students did not have. I observed how teachers continue to work long after the school day had ended. I can remember my parents often discussing and sometimes complaining about policies, procedures and classroom events. They would wait until my sister and I were asleep before getting into any deep conversations. Of course, I learned to play possum at a young age. It was fascinating to learn about the various aspects of teaching. Recently I went to visit my parents in Tennessee. My mother and I went to the grocery store where two former students approached her. One student my mother recognized while pretending to remember the other. The students shared how she had inspired them and what a difference she had made in their lives, followed by the statement, “You haven’t changed a bit!” Later on during my trip, I asked my parents about their payoff from their years of teaching. My father said, “Teaching is…” then my mother chimed in and fi nished his sentence as she often does, “…an investment.” She continued, “You invest in time, knowledge, leadership, effort, a caring persona, and sometimes your own money, and then hope for a successful outcome.” There are both short- and long-term returns on fi nancial investments and teaching investments. For example, when a student who can’t even make neat sections on their mannequin learns how to wrap a beautiful perm, it is considered a positive return in a short period of time. An example of long-term return on an investment is watching a former student like Ted Gibson style hair on television, or giving high-five to a student who comes to tell you that they love being a beauty industry professional. 5 0 | B EA U TYLIN K | P E RSE VE RE | 2 0 1 1 494828_Millennium.indd 1 9/4/10 11:40:39 AM B

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Beauty Link - volume 3, issue 2
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Beauty Link - Volume 3, Issue 2