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MESSAGE FROM THE AACS PRESIDENT AND CEA CHAIR Working Together Is Success IN SUCH AN ever-changing, fast-paced industry, the chaos of your environment might often feel like a jungle. One hour, things might be running smooth and sunny, and the next moment an unforeseen storm will hit. This atmosphere is all too familiar with those in the cosmetology world, but we’re built for it. Chaos and change comes with the territory, but it’s fi nding opportunity in this jungle that sets the insects apart from the lions. Stay alert of your competition and become the leader. Set the standard of excellence, education and knowledge so high that you become a challenge to your competitors. Seek guidance and learn from your mistakes. Look for areas of improvement and meet your new objectives. Be a fighter! If you are viewed as anything else, you’ll become easy prey for others. Be aware of your surroundings and constantly seek new opportunities. The fact is, in an overgrown jungle full of habitats, plants, water, animals and birds, it’s sometimes hard to notice the buds on new flowers. Look for those small seeds just starting to grow. Maybe it’s a new product you’ve introduced, or an employee who just started last month—whatever that new seed is, be sure to nourish it and help it It’s a jungle out there; fi nd sunlight. Every person, prodDisorder and confusion everywhere; uct and student has a place in your No one seems to care; eco system. Be sure to fi nd those Well, I do; seeds and help them along. Hey! It’s a jungle out there... Most importantly, I want to remind you to not be afraid of AS A COSMETOLOGY educator, you can probably relate to the lyrics the jungle. In the worst of cirof Randy Newman’s song. cumstances, it’s often the place This issue of BeautyLink, Survival—It’s a Jungle Out There, we run to for shelter. Our colreflects the chaotic and sometimes perilous course we face as eduleagues are the rock we need and cators. The analogies of a jungle mirror the realities of the classour schools and businesses are a room: predatory concerns, surprise downpours of every size and place of refuge. We’ve had a quite shape, and days when you feel lost in the weeds. a year—from issues facing loan Charting my own course through the proverbial “jungle,” I have rates, gainful employment and leaned on the idea of a survival kit packed with tools that school more—discouragement and fear personnel can rely on when they start to feel ensnared. A survival might be that unmoving cloud kit can add a little fun to your staff meetings. And unlike the TV over your head. Look up. Behind show Survivor, no one gets voted off the island! it is a ray of sunshine and things Include the following items in a bag with a note explaining each will get better. We’ve made strides item: this past year. With several states • Tic Tacs: Keep your breath fresh for consultations overcoming deregulation threats, • Life Savers: For pulling your team together to save the day I fi nd reason to celebrate. • Post-it® Notes: For everything you need to remember We all need each other to make • Band-Aids: For patching your students’ hearts our environments work. We co• Antacid: For calming your stomach after a 10-minute lunch exist together for the betterment • Tylenol®: For aches too many to count of this industry and the future of • Coffee Singles: The best part of waking up our profession. Henry Ford put • Red Sharpie: For midnight grading it best when he said, “Coming • Stain Remover: To wipe out occasional bad spots together is the beginning. Keep• Star Stickers: For the future stars you’re educating ing together is progress. Working • Party Popper: To celebrate graduation together is success.” Live, love and learn, The analogies of a jungle mirror the realities of the classroom: predatory concerns, surprise downpours of every size and shape, and days when you feel lost in the weeds. The Proverbial Jungle CHRISTINE GORDON AACS PRESIDENT KIM MCINTOSH CEA TEAM LEADER CEA CHAIR 10 | B E AU TYLINK | SUR V IVAL | 2012

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Beauty Link - Volume 4, Issue 3

Message From the AACS President and CEA Chair
Workings Of Washington
Network, Innovate, Grow: AACS Annual Convention & Expo 2012
Attending a Convention: 10 Tips for Success
Superstar Graduates
A Teacher’s Safari: Managing the Zoo of Personalities
Sticking it Out: 10 Threats That Keep Students from Surviving and Thriving in the Real World
Step-by-Step NEW!
Data Disaster: Protecting Sensitive and Important Records
Mixing Generations in the Classroom: Can They Coexist?
Beauty Changes Lives
Every Vote Counts: Encouraging and Emphasizing the Importance of their Vote
Hip-Hop Haircuts: Curtis Smith Sets Trends
AACS Listserve Q & A
Now We’re Talking: An Education in Communication
Multicultural Corner
Health & Wellness for Educators: Tips for Being Healthy
A Student’s Perspective NEW!
And Then There’s Compliance
Remembering Two Beauty Legends
Beauty Before Boarding: Airport Salons Take Flight
Voices From the Classroom
CEA Annual Convention Photo Spread
Quiz Time: How Well Do You Know Your Association?
Associate Member Profiles: Makeup/Cosmetics
People & Places
New Products & Services
New School Members
Upcoming 2012-2013 Events
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Beauty Link - Volume 4, Issue 3