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SUPERSTAR GRADUATES Newcomer Stylist of the Year Nick Hemsley SOMETIMES, AN ACT of friendship can turn out to be My business has grown through word of mouth and referrals. If you help other people look good and feel good, they’ll tell others. a good career move. When Nick Hemsley accompanied a friend to Paul Mitchell, the School, Salt Lake City, he never expected to fi nd his dream career. “I had never even considered a career in hair and went along strictly for moral support,” Nick recalled. Once he experienced the energy and sense of passion on display in the school, Nick was inspired to leave behind his job in the retail industry. “It was amazing to see the students and staff celebrating their craft and supporting one another’s work,” Nick said. When he and his friend left the school a few hours later, they had both enrolled. Less than two years after graduating beauty school, Nick was honored with a People’s Choice Newcomer Stylist of the Year Award during the 2012 North American Hairstyling Awards (NAHA). The newcomer category was created to recognize emerging talent in the beauty industry. Shortly after winning his award, Nick chatted with BeautyLink about his career: BeautyLink: How did you land your first salon position? Nick: I work for the Lunatic Fringe, which is a Paul Mitchell salon. I was familiar with the salon as a student and knew it was an environment where I would be challenged to do my best work. watching and learning from other hairdressers. That’s the great thing about this business. Everyone is committed to not just celebrating their craft, but celebrating one another’s success. BeautyLink: What surprised you about working in a salon after graduating beauty school? Nick: Working in a salon requires a second wave of learning. I’m learning something every day whether it’s how to more effectively communicate with a client or learning about a new hairstyling competition. Something else that really surprised me is how many industry events exist and the amazing opportunities they present to keep learning. Becoming a hairstylist has also taught me a lot about how to live my life in a better way, whether it’s the people I choose to surround myself with or how I spend my time. BeautyLink: As a young hairdresser, how have you developed your clientele? Nick: My business has grown through word of mouth and referrals. If you help other people look good and feel good, they’ll tell others. BeautyLink: Beyond winning the NAHA award, what are some other highlights of your career? Nick: Well, the NAHA award was defi nitely a big moment. It might sound cliché, but my daily career has been a highlight of my life. Every day I have an opportunity to go to work and do something that makes me happy. I never dreamed that just going to work every day would make me happy, but it does! Do you know a superstar graduate? Send a brief bio along with the graduate’s contact information to editor@ Your superstar could be featured in the next issue of BeautyLink! BeautyLink: How do you stay inspired and keep your craft fresh? Nick: I get my inspiration from many sources, but I really think that inspiration stems from passion. Sometimes, it’s a color or texture that I notice in nature that inspires me. More often than not, I’ll see a trend or new idea in the fashion industry and think about how I can connect it with hairstyling. Hair and fashion are very intertwined and I love how one plays off of the other. I am also always BeautyLink: What are your dreams for the future? Nick: Winning the NAHA award opened my eyes to all of the opportunities for travel and continuing education. I plan on continuing to enter awards competitions that expose me to new opportunities and ideas. I also want to continue traveling and eventually become a beauty educator. 20 | B E AU TYLINK | SUR V IVAL | 2012

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Beauty Link - Volume 4, Issue 3