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Perfecting the Zombie Look STEP-BY-STEP Credits Jordan Plath is the manager of the Kryolan City San Francisco store and FX specialist for Kryolan Professional Make-Up USA. He was trained at Make-Up Designory in Burbank, Calif., and has worked as an FX makeup artist on a number of films, theatrical productions and theme park events. Presented by Kryolan Before After STEP 1: Begin by building wounds of various sizes and shapes on the face using a soft cosmetic modeling wax such as mortician’s wax or Kryolan’s Cinewax. The wax is easily sculpted and blended into the skin with a metal or plastic spatula. Note: If you plan on wearing the makeup for an extended period of time, use a cosmetic adhesive, such as spirit gum, before applying the wax to the face. STEP 2: Seal the wax with a cosmetic sealant, such as Kryolan’s Flexible Sealor, making sure to cover the wounds entirely. Doing this will help fortify the wax and make it easier to apply makeup on top of it. STEP 3: Using a natural sea sponge, apply a deep burgundy cream color or eye shadow to the hollows of the face and neck—eye sockets, temples, etc. Apply the color to the wounds as well. Here we’re using “Bruise 3” from Kryolan’s Bruise Wheel. STEP 4: Use a small flat brush to add detail to the wounds and hollows. STEP 5: Emphasize the deepest parts of the hollows by applying a deep purple cream color or eye shadow with a natural sea sponge. Here we’re using “Bruise Purple” from Kryolan’s Bruise Wheel. CONTINUED ON PAGE 30 ASSOCIATE MEMBERS Would you like to submit a step-by-step look from one of your beauty professionals for consideration in a future issue of BeautyLink? Send your idea to! BE AUT YLIN K | SURVIV A L | 20 1 2 | 29

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Message From the AACS President and CEA Chair
Workings Of Washington
Network, Innovate, Grow: AACS Annual Convention & Expo 2012
Attending a Convention: 10 Tips for Success
Superstar Graduates
A Teacher’s Safari: Managing the Zoo of Personalities
Sticking it Out: 10 Threats That Keep Students from Surviving and Thriving in the Real World
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Data Disaster: Protecting Sensitive and Important Records
Mixing Generations in the Classroom: Can They Coexist?
Beauty Changes Lives
Every Vote Counts: Encouraging and Emphasizing the Importance of their Vote
Hip-Hop Haircuts: Curtis Smith Sets Trends
AACS Listserve Q & A
Now We’re Talking: An Education in Communication
Multicultural Corner
Health & Wellness for Educators: Tips for Being Healthy
A Student’s Perspective NEW!
And Then There’s Compliance
Remembering Two Beauty Legends
Beauty Before Boarding: Airport Salons Take Flight
Voices From the Classroom
CEA Annual Convention Photo Spread
Quiz Time: How Well Do You Know Your Association?
Associate Member Profiles: Makeup/Cosmetics
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Beauty Link - Volume 4, Issue 3