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MESSAGE FROM THE AACS PRESIDENT AND CEA CO-CHAIRS Your Destiny Is Calling WELCOME TO THE issue of BeautyLink that’s all about helping your school, its team and its students achieve your destiny. It might sound like a lofty ambition to embark upon, but I knew we were on to something when I saw the November issue of O, The Oprah Magazine, as this issue of BeautyLink was going to press. Its theme? Fulfi lling your destiny! Even the most successful and accomplished brands realize that achieving one’s destiny is a journey more than arrival at a specific destination. Just what is your destiny? Your hopes and dreams are not your destiny. They make for entertaining and inspiring thoughts but won’t help you accomplish your goals if they’re not backed up by action and putting one foot in front of the HOW DO YOU defi ne destiny? One defi nition is, “when opportunity other. I recently had an opportuand preparedness meet.” nity to see the power of putting Whether a new cosmetology student or an experienced instrucone foot in front of the other tor, all of us encounter opportunities that can help us reach our when I joined with team memdestinies inside and outside the school environment. bers from our school to comStudents have many opportunities to prepare for their destiny. plete a 60—yes 60!—mile walk Attending school, assisting an instructor with a creative demonin memory of my sister who stration, working part-time in a salon or even leading a Sunday waged an 18-year battle with school class can help students prepare for working with the public. breast cancer. Similarly, licensed professionals aspiring to take their career to Just as our destinies are more the next level as an instructor, teacher or facilitator often say certhan hopes and dreams, they are tain opportunities have led them to consider becoming a beauty not static points on a map. Our instructor. Some say they have always known they would be a destinies are continually evolvteacher and love sharing their knowledge with the newest person ing and as they do, they inspire in a group; others say their friends and family members tell them us to adapt, change direction, they should be a teacher because they’re good at it. These are all sometimes go back a bit, and opportunities calling. ultimately press forward toward If you have the desire and drive to be an instructor in the beauty achieving the vision we’ve set industry, teaching/facilitating will satisfy the need. The opportufor ourselves and our teams. nity calling is deep within your soul and it is an itch you need to The changing of direction as we scratch; it’s the inspiration that greets you in the morning and tells press on directs our journey and you goodnight before you fall asleep… it is your destiny calling. sometimes what we are destined Beyond our life destiny, there are more practical destinations to become surprises even us! too. One destination we hope you’ll plan for in 2013 is the CEA As we look back on 2012, Convention. It’s a forum where like-minded individuals focus on we can see the progress we’ve a shared goal and desired destiny—being the best educators we made and the challenges that can be. CEA is driven to help educators reach this goal through greet us as we embark on 2013. motivational sessions, the latest in teaching methods, coverage of Congratulations on the progress the latest emerging technology and amazing learning opportuniAACS member schools made ties shared with fun, food and friends. in 2012, and here’s to setting a As you prepare for 2013, we hope you’ll put the CEA Convention on course for beautiful achieveyour calendar for July 19-22. Held at the amazing Planet Hollywood ments in 2013 as we continue in Las Vegas, it’s an opportunity you won’t want to miss and one that toward our destinies. will help you continue down the path to achieving your destiny. Whether a new cosmetology student or an experienced instructor, all of us encounter opportunities that can help us reach our destinies inside and outside the school environment. When Opportunity and Preparedness Meet CHRISTINE GORDON AACS PRESIDENT CAROL WOODARD AND DAN CAVANAGH CEA CO-CHAIRS 10 | B E AU TYLINK | DE ST INY | 2012

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Beauty Link - Volume 4, Issue 4

Message from the aacs president and cea co-chairs
Workings of Washington
Meet Your New CEA Co-Chairs: Carol Woodard and Dan Cavanagh
Interrupted and Distracted: Five Ways to Get Back on Track
And then there’s compliance
Going Mentor: Paying Your Success Forward
A student’s perspective
Deliver Extraordinary Education: Building Your Dream Team
Considering a Sale: Expert Perspectives on Selling a School
Multicultural corner
Diversifying Your Offerings: One School’s Approach
Getting Ahead: 2013 Trends in Hair, Skin and Nail Education
Route to Succession: Planning the End of an Entrepreneurial Journey
Practical Beauty
Beauty changes lives
Strategic Success: Planning, Implementation and Accountability
Superstar graduates
What Makes a Dream Job: Fulfillment Is Just Around the Corner
The Video Test: Improving Behaviors with Evidence
AACS listserve q & a
Mastering Body Language: Six Nonverbal Cues to Use in the Classroom
The AACS Annual Convention & Expo Photo Spread
Associate member profiles: shears/clippers
Join cea/aacs
People & places
New school members
Upcoming 2012-2013 events
Index to advertisers

Beauty Link - Volume 4, Issue 4