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g inAhead ett G 2013 TRENDS IN HAIR, SKIN AND NAIL EDUCATION BY JENN LYLES “Ten or 15 years ago everyone who came out of school got a job. Today, it’s not that way—so the graduating student needs to not just know how to cut and style. [Employers] are looking for a specified secondary service.” — Modern Salon Media Publisher Steve Reiss f hindsight is 20-20, surely foresight is even clearer. If you knew that in 2012 more than 900 million people would be on Facebook, would your school have created a fan page sooner? Had you known that certain fads weren’t just temporary, would you have immersed yourself in those fashions right when they hit the market? The year is coming to a close and 2013 is right around the corner—are you prepared for the trends? “It starts with instructors and owners understanding what’s happening outside of their schools,” said Modern Salon Media publisher Steve Reiss. “Behaviors have changed. You have to adapt to the customer today.” Forecasting the future of any business isn’t always easy, but industry experts can see growing trends that will translate into next year. Vice President of Cosmetologists Chicago Joseph Cartagena says precision, geometric haircuts will continue throughout this next year. “In the past we’ve seen highly textured, soft, diffused lines. Now, we’re getting back to stronger lines—something we haven’t seen since the early ’90s.” And what does this mean for you? Cartagena believes these hair trends will force people to go back to school to learn how to manipulate hair this way. As color trends like painting and ombre grow in popularity, education will need to be even more of an emphasis. These aren’t just skills you can pick up on the street. Schools meeting these demands of teaching such technical skills will be even more important. Makeup trends like red lips and cat eyes will continue to appear this next year, but eye lash extensions will be even more popular. Cynthia Porcelli, director of Business and Professional Development at Genacelli Salon, a trendy Illinois salon, said that added eyelash extensions to the outer corner of the eye are becoming widely popular. As brow stations, blow-out bars and eyelash corners become a staple in any trendy salon, these areas need to be an area of educational emphasis. I Reiss spoke on 2013 trends at the Cosmetology Educators of America (CEA) Convention in July and the AACS Annual Convention & Expo in October. He predicts the shift to digital will be even more important to adapt to. “Ten or 15 years ago everyone who came out of school got a job,” he noted. “Today, it’s not that way—so the graduating student needs to not just know how to cut and style. [Employers] are looking for a specified secondary service.” Reiss went on to suggest that handling a social media page or having business skills is a perfect example of that “secondary service.” Lastly, all of our experts mentioned a growing trend affected by the poor economy—low maintenance. The number one request from customers is a cut or color that requires little upkeep. They’re spacing out their services further apart compared to years past. For this reason Cartagena suggests each guest, no matter how many times they’ve been in your chair, fi ll out a consultation form. Ask them their daily routine, what tools they use, what products they prefer, what they liked about their last hair cut or color and what they didn’t. Understanding your client and giving them a hairstyle that will give them low maintenance options is the best way to get repeat business. So how do schools keep up with these trends? Take advantage of local resources. Go on field trips to salons to see what’s going on outside of your school so you know where to focus your lesson plans on. Check out tradeshows in your area and continue your education as a cosmetology school employee. After all, education is a lasting trend that won’t be dying anytime soon. Jenn Lyles is communications coordinator for the American Association of Cosmetology Schools. Contact her at jenn@ BE AUT YLIN K | DEST IN Y | 20 1 2 | 39

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Diversifying Your Offerings: One School’s Approach
Getting Ahead: 2013 Trends in Hair, Skin and Nail Education
Route to Succession: Planning the End of an Entrepreneurial Journey
Practical Beauty
Beauty changes lives
Strategic Success: Planning, Implementation and Accountability
Superstar graduates
What Makes a Dream Job: Fulfillment Is Just Around the Corner
The Video Test: Improving Behaviors with Evidence
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Mastering Body Language: Six Nonverbal Cues to Use in the Classroom
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Beauty Link - Volume 4, Issue 4