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2012 Associate Council Chairman Celebrating our Successes, While Focusing on the Future A By Jeff Clevenger Chairman, Jacobs Carter Burgess As is true with any well respected and growing organization, we must identify ways to continue our is the heartbeat of the CCA. growth and successes. Membership s the current year comes to an end, it only seems appropriate to look back to reflect on our accomplishments, and identify opportunities to continue our growth and  success. In 2012, we challenged ourselves to be more proactive. The Council’s contribution to the CCA’s 527 program allowed to us to directly participate in the decision-making process when considering political contributions from the CCA. We committed that, in addition to our current events and golf tournaments, new events would be added to extend our impact on our community and membership participation. We introduced a successful food drive, providing more than 2,500 meals during the 2011 holidays. In September of this year, we saw a great turnout for Light the Night, with the CCA raising almost $4,000 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. We completed the year with a wine tasting fundraiser with the proceeds going towards the Colorado Workforce Foundation, allowing us to continue to provide needed scholarships. Our retooling of the Special Events Committee to include an “ambassador” program has increased membership involvement and support and allowed us to step up our event planning. As is true with any well-respected and growing organization, we must identify ways to continue our growth and successes. Membership is the heartbeat of the CCA. Even with the continuing struggles in our economy, we have maintained our membership base, but we need to continue focus on growing. I challenge you to bring new ideas for growth and valuable new members to our organization. We also must maintain focus on opportunities to engage members to foster their involvement, interest and enable their talents. We increased our social and community events in 2012 and will continue that trend in 2013. Please share your ideas for further engagement of our talented and congenial membership. Finally, as an organization, we need to increase opportunities to work with our public agency partners in supporting responsible infrastructure improvement and provide innovative ideas for funding and project delivery. We saw this in action this year with Jim Moody working with the public and private sector in the development, understanding and training on CM/GC. It’s been a privilege and a pleasure to work with everyone at CCA during the last year, and I want to thank all of the Associate Council members for their hard work, creative ideas and support. I also want to thank the entire association staff for their terrific assistance, especially Laura Driver. She is the backbone when it comes to keeping the associates organized and moving forward. I look to the future and the continued growth and improvement we all can expect in this great organization, and I ask you all to remain engaged in this mission. I am confident that our efforts in 2013 will result in increased membership, community involvement and stronger partner relationships, allowing the CCA to truly shine as an organization. BY JEFF CLEVENGER, 2012 ASSOCIATE COUNCIL PRESIDENT 12 • THE CONSTRUCTORS’ VOICE 2013

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Meet the 2013 Associate Council Chairman
Social Media: What Am I?
2012 Included a ‘SUCCESS’ for CCA Members in HB12-1119
The Coming Talent War
CWFC Sees Continued Successes, New Directions
Congratulations to the 2011 CCA-CDOT Project Management Award Winners
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A Vision for Colorado!
What is SBTRC, and How Can It Help You?
Colorado Contractors Trust Rates Remain Below Market Trends
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The Constructor's Voice - 2013