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Meet the 2013 Associate Council Chairman Riding Shotgun T By Steve Bruskivage Honnen Equipment Associates are engaged in the CCA because we enjoy knowing and doing business with Contractor members, and we want them to succeed. here are times when you “ride shotgun” that you can make important observations, contributions or suggestions. And so, the 2013 Associate Council will “ride shotgun” with the “drivers” of our industry in their efforts to sustain and enhance funding, regulations and best practices that influence and determine how well our wonderful Colorado improves infrastructure, environment, employment and the lifestyle that we enjoy. The Associate members will continue to support to the CCA Board of Directors’ strategic initiatives as they are “Driving Our Future.” Associates are engaged in the CCA because we enjoy knowing and doing business with Contractor members, and we want them to succeed. Their successes provide opportunities for their employees, the firms we represent and for all of Colorado. Our objective in 2013 will be to continue to work with the CCA Board in “Driving Our Future” with emphasis on: 1. Continued support of the CCA Board in exploring additional and innovative funding sources for infrastructure build out and improvements throughout the state. This support will take the form of personal time and commitments from many CCA members on studies, committees, and meetings with state legislators and various regulatory personnel. We need Associates to participate and will be calling on you. 2. Continued financial participation in the CCIC 527 group, which was introduced in 2012 to provide a funding base for legislative and political activities judged to be in the best interests of Colorado and our industry. With the Associate Council contribution, Associates now sit on the board that determines the direction of the 527 efforts and how the money is spent. This is a major refinement of the process of lobbying and targeting specific legislative campaigns. 3. At least one community service effort that demonstrates the CCA philosophy of “giving back,” thus elevating the profile of CCA members as the good citizens we are. 4. Enhanced support of the Construction Workforce Foundation of Colorado. This CCA organization provides scholarships for students pursuing careers in our industry. This program ensures short-term benefits and long-term sustainability by attracting the best to the construction industry. 5. Introduction of the “ambassador” concept that will engage our Associate members to represent CCA – its philosophy, mission, expertise, and capabilities by reaching out to other state organizations and trade groups at their meetings and trade shows – encouraging those groups to support CCA efforts and do business with CCA members. In 2013 the Associates of CCA will be “riding shotgun,” with a voice in the decisions of the CCA. It will be the voice of well considered observations and support as CCA is “Driving  Our Future.” BY STEVE BRUSKIVAGE, 2013 ASSOCIATE COUNCIL CHAIRMAN THE CONSTRUCTORS’ VOICE 2013 • 13

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Meet the 2013 Associate Council Chairman
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The Constructor's Voice - 2013