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Colorado! By Ben Vagher and Jody Randall here has been some buzz around CCA regarding the association’s interest in a Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) Fee to replace all other funding sources for roads in the state. If the state were to adopt a VMT, we would be the first state to go beyond the acknowledgement that the fuel tax is a declining funding source and replace it with a fair and sustainable program. We A Vision for T would pave the way for fixing Colorado’s transportation problems and set an example for how government should fix broken programs. CCA’s Board of Directors has had many discussions regarding a movement to increase transportation funding. We looked for solutions, such as a fuel tax increase, tolling, sales tax increase, vehicle miles traveled fee, public-private THE CONSTRUCTORS’ VOICE 2013 • 29

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2012 President
Meet the 2013 President
Executive Director’s Message
2012 Associate Council Chairman
Meet the 2013 Associate Council Chairman
Social Media: What Am I?
2012 Included a ‘SUCCESS’ for CCA Members in HB12-1119
The Coming Talent War
CWFC Sees Continued Successes, New Directions
Congratulations to the 2011 CCA-CDOT Project Management Award Winners
Your Association Staff
A Vision for Colorado!
What is SBTRC, and How Can It Help You?
Colorado Contractors Trust Rates Remain Below Market Trends
Your Association Staff
Setting Up Your People for Success
CG/LA Infrastructure
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The Constructor's Voice - 2013