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Colorado Contractors Trust and collect contributions based on an hourly rate. This provides a benefit to the member companies, particularly for those that have Davis-Bacon reporting challenges. This also provides the opportunity for employees to continue benefit coverage while they are furloughed through the hour bank system. CHT offers two types of premium structures: an established hourly contribution for benefit coverage, as well  as the traditional monthly contribution  method. In order to qualify for the hourly contribution option, the employee must be an hourly worker or a superintendent involved in the construction portion of the business. Owners, sales personnel and office associates do not qualify for this option. CHT offers eight different plan options with single deductibles ranging from $750 to $5,000 and family deductibles ranging from $1,500 to $10,000. Two deductible options qualify as a High Deductible Health Plans (HDHPs) for companies that desire to use a Health Savings Account (HSA). All deductible plans are suitable for Health Reimbursement Arrangements  (HRAs). In addition to comprehensive health coverage, CHT also includes coverage for Organ Transplant, Employee Rates Remain Below Market Trends Assistance Program (EAP), Dental, Vision, and Life and Accident Death and Dismemberment  coverage. Participation in CHT allows members access to the largest provider network in the state of Colorado, Anthem – Blue Cross and Blue Shield. Anthem also provides one of the largest nationwide PPO networks, allowing a broad choice of providers for employees that are vacationing and for employees that are out of state working on project assignments of two years or less. At a time that companies are forced to spend more money for less health insurance coverage, companies have a broad array of choices with CHT. That allows for excellent value at a cost that is consistent with the budget requirements of our member companies. As a non-profit entity, the objective of the Trust is to provide value to our members. Our mandate is not to accumulate earnings through excess reserves, but to ensure a strong and stable health care plan for the members of the CCA and the AGC/C. It’s time to put the Trust to work for your employee benefit program and improve your bottom line. For more information, contact Bradley A. Herzog at (720) 235-1960. By Bradley Herzog Health Plan Director Contractors Health Trust ontractors Health Trust (CHT) has managed renewal rates for 2013 below reported health care cost increase trends and passed along a 2 percent increase to CHT-enrolled companies, while many companies continue to struggle with double digit increases. CHT-enrolled employers appreciate CHT’s single-digit rate increase since every point shaved off of the renewal can help their financial bottom line. The Colorado Contractors Trust was established as a non-profit entity in 1968 to provide health insurance coverage to members of the Colorado Contractors Association (CCA) and the Associated General Contractors of Colorado (AGC/C). What makes CHT unique to the health insurance industry is the ability to access C 34 • THE CONSTRUCTORS’ VOICE 2013

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Meet the 2013 Associate Council Chairman
Social Media: What Am I?
2012 Included a ‘SUCCESS’ for CCA Members in HB12-1119
The Coming Talent War
CWFC Sees Continued Successes, New Directions
Congratulations to the 2011 CCA-CDOT Project Management Award Winners
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What is SBTRC, and How Can It Help You?
Colorado Contractors Trust Rates Remain Below Market Trends
Your Association Staff
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The Constructor's Voice - 2013