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Building By Norman F. Anderson President & CEO Infrastructure: Our Global Future connections for people who are designing, building, financing and maintaining fundamental assets that were needed yesterday, are critical now for the 30- to 40-year life of the project and will remain essential for continued growth in the future. • Trend presentations – highlighting particularly sharp opportunities • Project of the Year award event – recognizing the best in coming projects across five categories. CG/LA CG/LA Leadership Forum: Save the Dates In the coming year, CG/LA will host the Fourth Annual North American Leadership Forum, featuring the Top 100 projects in North America (Denver • October 15-17, 2012), the Sixth Annual Global Infrastructure Leadership Forum (New York • February 26-28, 2013), and the 11th Annual Latin American Leadership Forum (Mexico • May 21-23, 2013). CG/LA will also host an online event, the First Annual Latin American Solar Leadership Forum Leadership Forum (December 3-7, 2012). CG/LA’S Leadership Forum: Accelerates ‘Top 100’ Projects Connecting key people who are essential for getting infrastructure development projects underway helps overcome the barriers that hold projects back. Three times every year, CG/LA sets the stage to activate the world’s “Top 100” projects by organizing Leadership Forum events. Each 2½-day event features more than 500 infrastructure leaders in one place discussing the issues and details of importance to move the “Top 100” projects forward. The stars of each Leadership Forum are executives developing strategic infrastructure projects. The Leadership Forums are designed to recognize the talents of, and provide a podium for, the incredible men and women who make projects happen. Each Forum features: • Fast-paced project presentations – such as a Silicon Valley venture capital event • Pre-scheduled private meetings – building networks with project leaders • In-depth workshops – exploring issues driving the industry T he global infrastructure market is a nearly $1 trillion business that should be three times that size – $3 trillion in annual investment, driven by a combination of vision, imagination, new technologies and great engineering. CG/LA Infrastructure, Inc. is making those connections and leading the charge toward capturing the total $3 trillion annual investment. The firm, 25 years old this year, helps countries and regions around the globe become more competitive and successful by making smart, robust investments in infrastructure. “The most amazing thing about the infrastructure business,” according to Norman F. Anderson, CG/LA’s founder and CEO, “is the extraordinary capacity and generosity of the people in the business. The infrastructure business is a people business. It’s highly complex and relies on visionary leadership for progress.” CG/ LA provides specialized expertise and CG/LA’S Global VIP Platform Increasing complexity is one of the more important challenges facing the global infrastructure industry. Access to expertise is critical for success, especially by public sector decision-makers. CG/LA created the Global ViP platform – taking advantage of incredible advances in processing power and the explosion of easy-to-use mobile devices – as a way of providing everyone with the kind of access to expertise they need to do their jobs better, faster and more productively. THE CONSTRUCTORS’ VOICE 2013 • 39

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Meet the 2013 Associate Council Chairman
Social Media: What Am I?
2012 Included a ‘SUCCESS’ for CCA Members in HB12-1119
The Coming Talent War
CWFC Sees Continued Successes, New Directions
Congratulations to the 2011 CCA-CDOT Project Management Award Winners
Your Association Staff
A Vision for Colorado!
What is SBTRC, and How Can It Help You?
Colorado Contractors Trust Rates Remain Below Market Trends
Your Association Staff
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The Constructor's Voice - 2013