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capitolScope The Budget Deficit and Us By Curtis Good PCOC Legislative Chairman Now that the California budget deficit is swelling to over $40 billion and growing every day, and as our legislators and governor try to wrap their arms around it, what will be the effect on the pest control industry? Here are a few bills that we may be monitoring this year. AB 21 (Lowenthal, Bonnie) Economic poisons: methyl bromide. Requires the use of methyl bromide in this state to clean or fumigate a container used to transport goods to or from the state to be restricted to a manner and method of application that precludes exposure to any residential dwelling, school, day care facility, park, play area or health care facility. Would also require the department to levy a fee on those who use methyl bromide to clean or fumigate containers in order to cover the costs of administering and enforcing these provisions. Also contains other related provisions and other existing laws. SB 22 (Simitian) Hazardous materials: toxic substances. Existing law establishes the Department of Toxic Substances Control, in the California EPA, with powers and duties regarding, among other things, hazardous waste disposal, underground storage of hazardous substances and waste, and the handling and release of hazardous materials. This bill would additionally authorize the office to recommend procedures for expediting the review and identification of hazard traits, including pending and proposed actions by other states, the federal government, and other nations to limit hazardous material in products. Also contains other existing laws. SBX1 1 (Ducheny) Taxation. Existing law imposes a state sales and use tax on retailers and on the storage, use, or other consumption of tangible personal property in this state at the rate of 6.25 percent on the gross receipts from the retail sale of tangible personal property on this state and of the sales price of the tangible personal property purchased from any retailer for storage, use, or other consumption in this state. This bill would increase 1.5 percent to a new rate of 7.75 percent from March 1, 2009 to Dec. 31, 2011. Also contains other related provisions and other existing laws. SBX1 11(Ducheny) User fee: gasoline and diesel fuel. Existing law imposes a levy of 13 cents per gallon on gasoline and diesel fuel. Under Article XIX of the California Constitution, the portion of these revenues that is derived from use in motor vehicles upon public streets and highways is restricted for expenditure on street and highway and certain mass transit guideway purposes. This bill would, commencing April 1, 2009, impose a user fee of 39 cents per gallon on gasoline and 31 cents per gallon on diesel fuel. Also would require the State Board of Equalization to adjust the amount of the fee every three years consistent with the California Consumer Price Index. Would require revenues from the fee to be distributed pursuant to specified formulas. The bill would require the State Board of Equalization to administer the user fees in the same manner as the existing 18 cents per gallon levies. Revenues from the PCOC / SPRING 2009 fee would be required to be used solely for purposes consistent with the requirements under law for a user fee of this nature. The bill would continuously appropriate the fee revenues deposited in the Motor Vehicle Fuel Account, and would continuously appropriate the portion of fee revenues designated for apportionment by the controller to cities and counties, as specified, thereby making an appropriation. The bill would enact other related provisions. Contains other related provision and other related laws. In closing, please mark your calendars for April 21 & 22 – PCOC’s Legislative Days are to be held at the Hyatt Regency in Sacramento. And … I can assure you that our featured speaker will be a very prominent leader of the Legislature. 31

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