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president’sMessage Activism, Member Participation Strengthen Association By Darrell Ennes 2008-2009 President PCOC has been very busy these past couple of months, working on the many activities that make the association stronger and more active. I have attended several district meetings, NPMA Legislative Day in Washington, D.C., and the Structural Pest Control Board meeting in Napa. In addition, I participated in the joint PCOC/ NPMA Going Green Conference and two of PCOC’s own Pest Ed Conferences. (The last three events had record attendance!) Going forward, it seems to me, we are in a prime position to become a very powerful force in Sacramento and, with our ongoing working relationship with NPMA, in Washington, D.C. as well. What continues to impress me is the activism and participation that exists with our membership. Going forward, it seems to me, we are in a prime position to become a very powerful force in Sacramento and, with our ongoing working relationship with NPMA, in Washington, D.C. as well. This is important because the pest control industry is facing many challenges on multiple levels: legislation at the state Capitol, regulation by DPR and the SPCB and by a new administration at the EPA in Washington, D.C. I am very happy to see that we are putting in place activities and strategies within PCOC that make us more effective. First, we have a built-in network of activists that meet monthly at each of our district meetings. In fact this year we have piloted several joint district meetings which have been very impressive. We are doing a membership blitz around each one. We are also going to make sure information on important issues gets out quickly, either by having a specific speaker at a meeting or by e-mail alerts. Secondly, we initiated last year and will expand this year, a series of meetings with legislative leaders. PCOC members PCOC / SPRING 2009 will be meeting with these lawmakers around the state over a meal. The purpose of these meetings is to educate legislators in a friendly environment about our industry and the way small business works. This has been an eye-opener for many legislators and has a significant impact on how they feel on issues that come up. I have really been impressed with the dialogue and the accomplishments achieved at these events. This is my last article for the magazine and I would like to take this opportunity to let you know that my experience as your president has been truly rewarding both personally and professionally. I would like to thank my predecessors for setting the bar so high and I hope that I have continued their strong tradition of service. I have really enjoyed traveling around the state with Martyn visiting our PCOC districts. It gave me the opportunity to meet members on their home turf, who I may not have ordinarily met unless they had attended our board meetings. All that remains is for me to wish that I will be able to see you all at our 66th Annual Convention and Trade Show in Maui in June as I close out my term of office. 7

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