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firmProfile Big Time Pest Control: Helping Others Every Day After completing college with a degree in biology and a minor in chemistry, Mike Bullert was looking for a career position as a wildlife biologist. After applying for positions with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of Fish and Game, and the County Agricultural Commissioner’s office and while he was waiting for responses, he began working part time for a national pest control company as a pest control technician. After two months as a technician, he was promoted to termite inspector/sales. After nearly a year of successful sales performance, he was promoted into management. In nine years, he had seven management assignments in different branches, including opening two new branches. It was a great introduction into the pest control industry. PCOC: Why did you go into business for yourself? Bullert: In 2007, my wife Bekki and I purchased Big Time Pest Control from a long-time friend. This was a great opportunity to try running our own business. The primary reason we wanted to do so was to provide more stability for our four children, who had become accustomed to switching schools quite frequently. PCOC: What type of pest control work do you do? Bullert: Our company provides a comprehensive offering of services. We do general pest control, termite, repairs, weed and agricultural services. We also perform many auxiliary services such as bird and bat exclusion, and insulation installation. PCOC: How has business grown since 2007 and what is the reason for your growth? Bullert: Our pest control base has grown 26 percent in the last three years. We had planned for faster growth, but with the state of the economy, we are happy that we are growing at all. We have done everything possible to differentiate ourselves from the www.pcoc.org / Fall 2010 competition and reach out to new customers. Since purchasing the company, we have conducted a complete make-over. Our fleet, office building, uniforms, and equipment have all been updated to represent a stateof-the-art and professional image to our potential customers. We focus on staying current with the latest and greatest technology and materials. Our company has completed the GreenPro certification and we are implementing that into our services. Lastly, we have been aggressive in our advertising. Through our constant efforts, we continue to grow a little bit every month. PCOC: Where do you see the industry heading in the next 10 years? Bullert: As California continues to face more and more water quality issues, we must constantly adjust. PCOC has done an excellent job addressing these issues, but the environmental community continues to attack our industry. Environmentalists have experts working full time on this issue. As members of our association, we are only working on this part time, while trying to operate our respective businesses. In this day and age membership 31 http://www.pcoc.org

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PCOC - Fall 2010
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PCOC - Fall 2010