The Police Chief - July 2010 - (Page Cover1)

THE PROFESSIONAL VOICE OF LAW ENFORCEMENT JULY 2010 FEBRUARY 2009 Ignition Interlocks Inside: Inside: XXXXXXXXXX Standards for Protective Apparel Automated Speed Enforcement Officer Safety on Roadways On-Duty Collision Reduction

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of The Police Chief - July 2010

The Police Chief - July 2010
President’s Message: Prioritize Safe Driving during the Summer Season
Legislative Alert: Congress Considering Critically Important D-Block Legislation
IACP Foundation: Law Enforcement Business Fellowship Candidates Selected
Chief's Counsel: IACP Policy Assists Agencies to Define Pregnancy Policies
Understanding Performance Standards for Law Enforcement CBRN Protective Apparel
Ignition Interlocks
Officer Safety on Our Roadways: What the Numbers Say about Saving Lives
The Smooth Operator Program: Combating Aggressive Driving in the Mid-Atlantic
New Members
Product Update
Automated Speed Enforcement on Arizona State Highways: A Second Look
Reducing On-Duty Collisions
Index to Advertisers
Highway Safety Initiatives

The Police Chief - July 2010