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The Police Chief keeps you on the cutting edge of law enforcement technology with monthly product announcements. For free in-depth information, visit us online at Items about new or improved products are based on news releases supplied by manufacturers and distributors; IACP endorsement is in no way implied. Product update apply new software versions and allows anyone interested in video forensics to more quickly test the software and set up new installations. VideoFOCUS Pro V3.1 also includes the ability to import and export video and images in more formats. Using innovative processing algorithms, VideoFOCUS Pro is the leading video forensics tool for law enforcement. In a single application, VideoFOCUS Pro encompasses what otherwise requires multiple video capture and processing applications. For more information, visit http:// Lead-core ammunition Extreme Shock Ammunition announces production of its own line of high-quality, copper-plated, lead-core ammunition under the brand name Allegiance Ammunition. This new line comes in response to market demand for affordable, high-quality ammunition. Each Allegiance round will undergo the same strict procedures as the Extreme Shock tactical line. The 9mm, the .49caliber Smith & Wesson, the .45-caliber Automatic Colt Pistol, the .223-caliber rifle, and the .308-caliber rifle rounds will have the case mouth and primer sealed or waterproofed to U.S. military standards, giving the Allegiance brand an estimated 20-year shelf life. For more information, visit http:// solutions offer companies, law firms, governmental entities, and individuals leading-edge technology to assist in internal and external investigations. Skout’s Forensics Data Collection Kit allows individuals to acquire electronic data in a forensically sound manner from any standard desktop or laptop computer. It enumerates all attached devices and images them separately, just as a trained examiner would. The kit integrates all required forensic standards and can collect data from computers while they are powered on and while they are powered off. For more information, visit http:// Investigation kits Software licensing and renewals Computer forensic tools Skout Forensics announces the launch of a suite of computer forensic tools. Skout’s products and related 50 THE POLICE CHIEF/NOVEMBER 2010 Salient Stills, a video forensics and image enhancement software company, announces VideoFOCUS Pro V3.1, with streamlined licensing and renewals functionality. This enables customers with maintenance licenses to more easily WiebeTech, a brand of CRU-DataPort, announces the release of two newly configured Forensic Field Kits. The F3 and F4 Forensic Field Kits are designed to meet the most globally adopted combination of tools used by forensic investigators. By combining WiebeTech write-blockers, media adapters, cables,

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The Police Chief - November 2010
President’s Message: The Year Ahead
Legislative Alert: Congress Passes Continuing Resolution to Sustain Federal Government
IACP Foundation: Law Enforcement Leaders Learn, with a Corporate Twist
Chief’s Counsel: Legal Training and Concerns for Conducted Energy Weapons
Advances & Applications
The Florida Criminal Justice Executive Institute: A Bellwether for Leadership Training in Florida
Training for Face-to-Face Encounters
Beyond Survival toward Officer Wellness (BeSTOW): Targeting Law Enforcement Training
New Members
Product Update
Transforming a Police Agency by Connecting Training, Performance, and Assessment to Promotion
The Field Training Experience: Perspectives of Field Training Officers and Trainees
Tips for Training with a Firearms Simulator
Survey: The Status of Field Training
Nine-Week Army Program Provides Civilian Police Force Training
Educational Programs for Fusion Center Directors
Training and Tools to Serve the Line Officer
Technology Talk
Index to Advertisers
Highway Safety Initiatives

The Police Chief - November 2010