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❱❱❱ CAPEX CAPITAL expenditures An industry-wide look at who’s spending what Edmonton Edmonton Transit System completed its 4.8-mile southern LRT extension to Century Park in 2010, and now is eyeing continued extension further south to Desrochers/Allard. Work progresses on a 2.8-mile “North” extension, running from Churchill Station to the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology set to open in 2014. Another line would run west from Churchill Station to Lewis Estates. A fourth line, starting at Churchill Station, would serve the southeastern quadrant. Construction could begin in 2014. Calgary Calgary Transit’s light rail system carried 246,800 daily riders in 2011 (according to APTA), down from 276,000 weekday riders on average in 2010. Undaunted, North America’s second “modern” LRT operation continues to expand; the opening of the West Line, running to 69th Street Station is set for March 2013, and will be incorporated into the Route 202 route. Thirty-eight new air-conditioned Siemens SD160 LRVs began arriving in 2010. Ottawa Three consortia have met Ottawa’s Request for Qualifications to construct 7.8mile, 13-station LRT line. The plan calls for 57 miles of high capacity transit by 2030. CP CP ( will invest between $1.1 billion and $1.2 billion for infrastructure renewal, network enhancements and expansion projects in 2012. Major investment categories include the following approximate amounts: $800 million to preserve existing capacities through replacement or renewal of depleted assets; $275 million for network capacity expansions, business development projects and productivity initiatives; and $50 million to address capital regulated by governments, principally train control. CN CN ( plans to invest $1.75 billion in 2012 to maintain and upgrade its railway network, support growth and productivity initiatives and provide customers with a high level of service. More than $1 billion of CN’s 2012 capital investment program will be targeted on track infrastructure to maintain safe railway operations and to enhance productivity and fluidity of the rail network. VIA Rail To support operations and investments in track signaling systems, track components, station repairs and information technology projects, the 2012 federal budget proposes $105 million in 2012-13 on a cash basis to enhance the safety and efficiency of VIA Rail Canada’s operations. VIA will pursue productivity improvements such as augmenting the performance of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. Toronto The 2011-2012 Metrolinx business plan calls for $427.4 million in total expenses – including $68 million toward facilities and track, $55.1 million toward equipment maintenance and $21 million toward supplies and services. “We are proposing new transit projects, investing an additional $2 to 2.5 billion dollars annually over the next 20 years,” said Bruce McCuaig, president & CEO. Vancouver Marking its 25th anniversary, the 30.5-mile, two-route SkyTrain system saw weekday ridership averaging 406,000 in 2011’s second quarter, up from 358,700 during 2010. The $1.9 billion fully automated Canada Line, with 16 stations along 12 miles, links downtown with Vancouver International Airport and Richmond Centre using a 40-car Rotcm fleet. Construction has begun on the 6.9mile Evergreen Line. Montreal $1 billion will be invested in the Societe de Transport de Montreal (STM) Metro during the next decade. The new CEO will be charged with overseeing AMT’s five-line regional system, and also work in progress for the $400 million, 36-mile Train de 1’Est, which will link Central Station with 11 new stations in northeast Montreal using Bombardier dual-power (diesel/a.c. catenary) locomotives and Multilevel cars. ■ insidetrack | SPRING/SUMMER 2012 19

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Insidetrack - Spring/Summer 2012