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FEATURE what’s next for the RAIL SUPPLY INDUSTRY? Opportunities exist for small and medium-sized enterprises BY DAV ID MC P HE R SON ❱❱❱❱ 8 insidetrack | SPRING/SUMMER 2012 “You don’t look like a railroader,” the guard remarked as Lisa Tuningley pulled up to the border inspection booth during a recent business trip to visit some vendors and manufacturing mills in the United States. “I looked at my hands, down at my skirt, then back up to the guard and replied: ‘Just what does a railroader look like these days … I’ll work on that!’ recalls the president/owner of T-RAIL Products Inc., a supplier of new and renewable rail products who has been in the business for two decades now. Long gone is the stereotype and traditional imagery of what railroading was all about: the engineers’ cap, blue-and white striped coveralls, steam engines, rickety old clank-de-clank-de-clank beatings on 39-inch jointed rails, etc. Rather, today’s railways are lean, mean, hauling machines that are sleek and meant to haul more efficiently and effectively than ever before. With this new railway industry in mind, you can see why Tuningley replied ”By working together we have transformed this industry into the envy of the transportation world.” John Clarke, President, CARS Board of Directors with such a tongue-in-cheek retort to the border guard in the above real-life scenario. Tuningley is part of this railway renaissance. She’s an entrepreneur and small business railway industry owner/ operator who is passionate about the business and excited about what lies ahead down the tracks—figuratively and literally—both in the short-term and the long term, especially for small –and mediumsized enterprises (SMEs) such as herself. “I feel a quest to have the industry paint the picture for what railroading will be in the future,” Tuningley explains. “What does it look like now and where are we going? I firmly believe you get where you set to go, so we need to know what our goals are first.” “Our goals” is the key phrase. CARS believes in strong relationships with its 10 ❱

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President’s Message
What’s Next for the Rail Supply Industry? Opportunities exist for small and medium-sized enterprises
Industry Needs Better, More Consistent Standards
CARS Remembers Pair Gone Too Soon
CapEx: An Industry-Wide Look at Who’s Spending What
Railway Supply Directory
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Insidetrack - Spring/Summer 2012