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Feature A SOLAR TAx CREDIT A BRIGHT IDEA WHOSE TIME HAS COME CANADA DOES IT FOR many sectors, jurisdictions across the U.S. entice business with them, CanSIA thinks it may well be time a tax credit be put to work growing the solar industry. Tax credits have been an accepted form of spurring industry growth in many industries — the best known example for many though is Canadian film and television, not just in Canada but across the US. It is the way productions are lured from California to Wyoming, from Oregon to Alberta. Offer incentives and cameras will roll. 28 • S Lutions Fall/Winter 2011

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of SOLutions - Fall/Winter 2011

About CanSIA
On the Right Track
Pushing the Envelope
A Solar Tax Credit
Community Power Groups
Teaching the Standard
Cutting Through the Haze
Driving Long-Term Growth
Overwhelming Interest
Proof is in the Pilot
Green Energy Gets the Green Light
Built for Light Loads
Membership Bloom
What CanSIA Does for Your Organization
Solar Calendar

SOLutions - Fall/Winter 2011