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TEACHING THE Feature WHEN STUDENTS AT OKANAGAN College’s new Centre of Excellence in Penticton plug their laptops in, they only have to look outside and up to see their energy source. The solar energy system at Okanagan College’s newest building is the largest system developed in Western Canada. SkyFire Energy was the project developer for the 260 kW solar energy system, which is using 1,106 Conergy P solar modules, on the rooftop of the college’s newest building on its Penticton campus. 38 • S Lutions Fall/Winter 2011 Generating about 292,500 kWh per year, the solar energy system will help the building — the Centre of Excellence in Sustainable Building Technologies and Renewable Energy Conservation — meet the goal of being energy neutral over the course of an annual operating cycle. With school back in session and students on campus, the college has a three-fold benefit from the system. One, the solar energy system will help the college reach the goal of meeting the Living Building Challenge of net-zero energy and water consumption. In the Okanagan’s sunny summer months, the solar energy system will, at times, exceed the building’s needs and the energy will be fed into the grid. In the winter, the college will draw from the grid to

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SOLutions - Fall/Winter 2011