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Feature CUTTING THROUGH THE HAzE IN SEPTEMBER THE CANADA REVENUE AGENCY cleared up tax confusion that was costing CanSIA members and their clients in Ontario untold thousands of dollars regarding the HST refund on microFIT solar PV systems. Concerns arose in May 2011 following a directive issued to all CRA agents to hold all refunds for microFIT projects that did not meet the definition of being on commercial property or on property used at least 90 per cent for commercial purposes. The issue in question was whether a solar power system was considered to be partially or totally a home renovation. continued on page 44 COMBINED EFFORTS CLEAR TAx CONFUSION SURROUNDING ONTARIO MICROFIT PROJECTS S Lutions Fall/Winter 2011 • 43

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About CanSIA
On the Right Track
Pushing the Envelope
A Solar Tax Credit
Community Power Groups
Teaching the Standard
Cutting Through the Haze
Driving Long-Term Growth
Overwhelming Interest
Proof is in the Pilot
Green Energy Gets the Green Light
Built for Light Loads
Membership Bloom
What CanSIA Does for Your Organization
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SOLutions - Fall/Winter 2011